Saturday, July 7, 2012

London - Day 1

I'm one of these people who still find it quite amazing that one can board an airplane in the evening,
sleep a bit while in flight and land in another country clear across the Atlantic the next morning. 

Thursday night I boarded an airplane. 

Friday morning I landed in London.

 After a much needed nap, my husband and I began to walk
and I began to look up

 and London Bridge...

while we searched for a place to eat.

The architecture,

the art,

the design found here is wonderful.

A bit of a rest was called for so we took a seat by the Thames
and enjoyed soaking up the ambiance of the area.

Strolling again, I found a river running through the street

as well as a bit of London yellow.

The area has been inundated with rain so when the sky shone a brilliant blue, 
I nearly expected to hear cheers all around. 


  1. have a gorgeous time in London. A fabulous city. If you are going to be there on a Saturday morning check out London Borough Markets - all delicious food under the bridge on the south side I think. Yum. Will be in touch soon x

    1. London is fabulous. We keep dreaming of living here for a couple of day... You're right about delicious food under the bridge on the south side. That's where we ate! Well, stuffed ourselves would be more accurate. It was wonderful.

      It's Sunday morning as I write this and the plan today is to go to the Brick Lane market to see what treasures can be found. Enjoy!

  2. So glad you are having fun in my city..there is so much to see.Need any hints...yellxxglad you had some blue sky...we are not having much Summer this year..sorry!xx

    1. London is one of my favorite cities. The hardest part is choosing just a few places to visit each day. Any hints of the artsy kind would be appreciated. I'm going to Brick Lane today and possibly over to the Tate this afternoon. Back to the V&A tomorrow for a longer visit too. Not sure what's in store Wednesday morning.


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