Artist statement

Rust fascinates me. It has a vibrancy and mysteriousness that draws me in and begs to be explored, to be played and experimented with. Mark making with rust is unpredictable and complex yet the marks themselves have a simplicity that allows a quiet power to come through while the many textures and layers left by the rust hint at stories yet to be told. 

The color of rust marks change with the liquids used in the rusting/dyeing process. Water or vinegar result in a golden brownish [rust] color. Black tea lends a black/grey tone while green tea results in an indigo or purplish hue.

How I fold the cloth in the process of wrapping the rusted gear effects the marks as well. Simple folds equal large simple marks while more intricate folds result in broken patterns. After enclosing the gear, the bundle is wrapped with waxed linen threads to insure the cloth stays in place when handled. When left to rust for several days and depending on the number of the folds, marks from the threads may also be visible.

Opening a rust and tea dyed bundle is like opening a gift – you just never know what you’re getting until the package is all unwrapped. And that is part of rust’s appeal.
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