Sunday, July 8, 2012

London - Day 2

After sleeping late yesterday morning...oh! it felt so good to sleep in...we took our time deciding what to do.
First order was to find brunch - yes, it was that late before we got going. we went.

 From the tube, we walked and I took photos of a fish sculpture hanging in a pizza place,

then stopped to wonder what my calligraphy friends would think of No 28.

 We soon arrived at our brunch spot, The Modern Pantry, where we had the most delicious meal.

Back out on the street, we began to walk...we do a lot of that.
Got a chuckle from seeing a bit of Oz had followed me to London.

 Floral inset in wall.

 Never discovered the significance of this building or the carving, but am still in awe of it.

 Once again, the design and

 architecture of London caught my eye.

 I'm assuming the flags are flying for the upcoming Olympics. 

A perfumery window.
Deb -This display brought to mind your raincoat. 

We'd finally walked so much that a rest and a snack were called for. The cappuccino 
was as delicious as it was the lemon cake in the background.

While we enjoyed our treats in the coffee shop, I mentioned that Fiona had suggested a paper store to visit and wondered if it was in the area. John got out his iPhone to map the address. Seems we'd been within a block of it at one point - turned left instead of going straight!

A short tube ride later and we were at Shepherd's Bookbinders, Ltd.

Fiona - What a great paper store! The selection is amazing and the best parts are behind the staff only sign. Those paper pajamas [below] begged for a closer look.

These reminders on the road always make me giggle yet I am thankful for them as well.

From across the Thames, the Eye of London, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.

Tic tac toe anyone?

50 golden street pianos have been set out across London for anyone to play. They are part of the City of London Festival. This was my first sighting. Fortunately, the woman playing was quite good and had a nice crowd gathered to listen.

We're getting another late start today, Sunday, as well, but isn't that what vacations are for? Brick Lane Market is on the menu. There are treasures to be hunted out...a tea set for the little urchins per their request. Keep your fingers crossed that we find one!


  1. I am loving seeing London through your eyes this time around J! And so glad you found the paper shop...quite the dreamy place. Fingers crossed for the tea set, and a lovely time a'wandering.

    1. Glad you're enjoying my view of London! Been doing a lot of looking up at the architecture. Was raining this morning when we emerged so instead of Brick Lane Market, it was off to the V&A. Got there, reached for my camera and realized it was still at the hotel!$&?@! Oh's back to the V&A tomorrow or Tuesday to take photos and see all the things I didn't drag John to...for which his is grateful.

      No tea set yet...tomorrow...hopefully.

  2. What fun to see all the hidden beauty and what is catching your eye. Really makes me want to take a trip back there.

    1. There's always a photo or two that I take with John standing right beside me, yet when he sees it he asks where I took it...and where he was when I did. The perfumery display was yesterday's such shot. He'd walked right by and was waiting for me. Funny.

      We're having a great time, strolling, eating, looking... London is a wonderful place for all of those.

  3. That bookshop is amazing isn't ? I love it there. Glad you are enjoying your visit to my city!haxx

    1. Hi Lynda! We've been having a great time in your city. Even the weather has been okay...dry most of the time with the sun peaking through at times. I'm off to explore Brick Lane today.

  4. Oh, Jennifer - I am so jealous. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos of London with us - such an exciting and lively city, esp. with the Olympics coming up XX

    1. If you've been here before, you know what an exciting and intriguing city London is. There are signs of the upcoming Olympics everywhere, in fact, the Olympic rings hang from Tower Bridge which is near where we're staying. It's quite the sight - especially at night.

  5. You found Shepherds Falkiners! Isn't it the best place in the world! You can't help but go a bit mad buying paper there. I bought my first book-binding tools there, too. And it is so quaint, with the old wooden floor-to-ceiling shelves.

    I'm thinking that the stone carving on the side of that building is probably something to do with St. George and the Dragon - our patron saint, of course. However, it's a mixed-up old myth, and I'm not the one who can tell you all about it.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed London.

    1. Yes! Shepherds Falkiners is wonderful. I could have spent the afternoon exploring every nook and cranny of it...and would have loved to have been turned loose to explore the "staff only" section. Did buy some text page paper for those journals I hope to make one day.

      Thank you for the info about the stone carving! It's a lovely carving and intrigued my curiosity. I'll have to search for the story of St George and the dragon.

      London was such a treat and the weather was good. Having biked and hiked in the Lake District twice, we expected periods of rain and dressed accordingly. Thankfully, the weather gods kept it from raining all day...not that it would have stopped my wanderings.


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