Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Art math

It started with going out in the garden
and taking a look around.

 There was bee balm,


 and lots of coreopsis
all just begging to join in the experiment.
On the way to the studio, pink roses caught my eye. 

Yes. They wanted to play too.

So I took a bit of this

and a bit of that,

 even a tad of this. 

Then put it all in the crock pot.
[adding more roses and coreopsis, of course]

The results were me, at least. 

 Japanese red maple =  lots of potential

 Pink rose petals =  a soft, yet brilliant yellow

 Rust + layers of rose petals = one of my favorites

Coleus + rust = wonderful lines 

Coreopsis  = orange...lots of orange.
Can anyone tell me why it works this way?

Round 2 of experimenting with my garden took place Monday night. Less coreopsis this time, more coleus, bee balm and ferns. Need to get better photos before showing you those results. I played with folding the paper first - quadruple and quintuple folds, in fact, just right for cards or accordion books.

Tomorrow is Thursday and that means boarding an airplane for London in the evening. My trusty iPad is accompanying me. Lap top too to store the zillions of photos I'll no doubt take. My husband showed me how to take a photo on the iPad and instantly upload to Facebook. So...if you'd like to follow my jaunt kind of in real time, just click here or on the Facebook link to the left and like my artist page.

Next post from London...


  1. Very cool! You are really taking off with the crock pot! And I guess you will be really taking off on a plane tomorrow. Have a wonderful time. Mark and I were in London a couple of years ago and are planning to return someday. Can't wait to see what you discover (looking for Yellow?). Have fun and Happy 4th!

    1. Happy 4th to you too! Yes...the countdown is on 'til time to leave tomorrow. Still can't believe it's already here, but am sooooooo looking forward to the time in London. Stay tuned for reports.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the pre-folded paper ones as well. It's sort of like 'and now here is some art from my garden and my kitchen' isn't it? Loads of fun exploring and discovering and who know what might happen next (I bet John wonders some days, but then he's gotten used to to the rusting gears...)

    1. The pre-folded turned out well. Photos soon...when I'm not too tired from trekking all over London. Ha!

  3. oh you are going to have The Best Time
    in london,
    i just know it!

    listen, missy!
    if you are still home
    are able to read this...
    i was able to use my iPad
    to upload my photos
    to FB
    when i was in Italy last month...
    easy as PIE!

    for some reason,
    everywhere i went in Italy WiFi
    was available AND free!

    {{ why oh why is it not
    available AND free here in the states?
    -----> $$$$$$$$$ greed? }}

    1. Obviously, I need to go back and cull through your FB page for Italian updates. Managed to post a couple of pics to FB yesterday. Will try for more today.

  4. J- there is no plant sacred or spared when it comes to your cauldron - but one has to love being able to wander the beauty of a spring garden and harvest bits and pieces that create the most amazing patterns, colours and textures. We have a big old crock pot I salvage for pickling metal - I must check to see if has wandered across to the paper studio yet. Go well & enjoy London. B

    1. Your comments always give me a good chuckle. Thank you for that!

      When one is experimenting, is anything too sacred or too precious or should one use their favorites first? Hmmm... By the way, have you located your pickling crock pot yet? Which side of the studio was it on...paper or metal? Or in the middle for you both to play with? Now that would be interesting!

  5. These are just gorgeous, lush, a way of keeping the flowers living and the rust from continuing to shift... the unexpected combinations... the colors of London will feel so different... enjoy!

    1. Thank you Ann! It's all one big experiment right now, but each round spurs more what ifs. I do love how the rust stays in place and especially the bits where it peaks through the petals.

      Our first day in London was a mix of cloudy, sprinkles and sunshine. Hoping the sun wins out today!

  6. Beautiful work Jennifer! Looking at itt makes my heart sigh with contentment. Enjoy your trip.

    1. What a lovely comment you left. Thank you!

      We're enjoying our trip so...walking our legs off seeing London.

  7. so much excitement! joy-filled travels! following on facebook.

    1. The travels have been very joyful so far...tiring from walking everywhere, but joyful.

  8. Hope you are bring a pot and electric tray to do some more "bundling" why you are here!Ha How long are you in my city London and where are you off to afterwards?xxx

    1. Ha! I've been eyeing the floral displays in the hotel lobby and wondering if any missing flowers would be noticed, but so far no bundling.


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