Thursday, October 15, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv - Grey

Once again, we've reached the time for another installment of Roy G Biv. October's color is grey.

From sidewalks

to shadows,

ceramic paint,

playground equipment,


and storm clouds,

the backs of theater seats

and even a bit of rusted cotton, grey is all around us. Sometimes planned or expected, sometimes not. Grey has many emotions and is becoming a favorite...perhaps because it's also the real color of my hair.

If you've greys to share, just leave a comment for Julie or myself and we'll be happy to link to your blog post. October's Roy G Biv post date finds me traveling again so I may be slow to update.


November 19 -pink
December 17 - blogger's choice


  1. Beautiful greys - especially the owl, the shadows and the playground equipment. I've posted my varied offerings over on my blog too.

  2. I can relate to that grey crown of hair, grey is for wisdom? Sounds good to me. xox

  3. What a great selection of grays! My favorites are the owl and the dyed cotton; love the shadows, too. I have posted my grays over at my blog, too.

  4. Nice selection of gray here! The storm clouds speak to me as well as the girls playing! My hair went from dark brown to pure white...not much between! I've posted bits of gray on my blog.

  5. Oh...I loved those l-o-o-o-ng shadows! And it's always fun to see your girls, especially being creative.
    Thanks again for inspiring us to search for the color-of-the-month... and happy travels!

  6. The shadows,the owl and the rust prints are all fantastic.

  7. The shadows are a great idea & love your owl - mine are late but now done.

  8. Shadows! Of course, why didn't I think of that? As always, thanks for all the links to these inspiring blogs. Elizabeth

  9. Hi J - the great thing about grey is that it enables the colours to excel and shine. Go well. B


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