Friday, October 23, 2015

Stitching Summit 2015

Last Thursday, I traveled to southern New Jersey, stopping along the way to pick up Christine and Kelly before continuing on to meet up with Lotta and Erin for the second annual stitching summit.

The first was March 2014 and, I'm happy to report, Mother Nature smiled on this year's gathering, gracing us with lovely fall weather this time around. Of course, She smiled on us last year as well and threw in a snow day for good measure!

The house, built in the 1700's, is a charmingly quirky farmhouse that reflects Rachel's, the owner, love for the property inside and out.

An artist herself, she has the most wonderful flair

for creating unexpected moments of beauty.

 Kelly's pre-bundle

We wandered the yard, marveling at its fall coat and comparing it to our memories of a snow blanketed yard.

There were new treasures to discover

and vignettes to be amazed by.

Lotta's and Kelly's bundles

There was also a bit of work to be done

 Lotta's stitching

Christine's eco printed paper

Lotta's printmaking

 Christine's lines

but mostly there was fun to be had. The neighbors have probably complained to Rachel by now about those raucous women who sat out by the fire each night, eating and drinking while telling stories and laughing far too loudly...or not. 

It was a delightful gathering of friends and I can't wait until next time!


  1. Hi J - love the sound opt the raucous laughter and food and wine - what better preparations for creating. Go well and continue to enjoy the life and art journey. B

    1. Laughter, food, wine and good friends is always a great combo, isn't it? When are you and Fiona headed back over this way? Food and wine at my house!

  2. I love the idea of getting together with other women/artists. I just wish that I were in your league. I rust dy every once inawhile, and I don't do anything with the fabric, just admire it when I come across the pieces in our studio (my husband is a quilt long armer). Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts Marie. I highly recommend gathering with friends, especially art friends, whenever and wherever possible. Christine, Lotta, Kelly, Erin and myself all live in various states so it's wonderful to be able to meet for a few days of laughter and creative time. Enjoy!


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