Friday, September 25, 2015

Michigan - Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project

Located in an edgy part of Detroit, the Heidelberg Project is fascinating.

a video was being made
It covers most of 2 still semi residential blocks.

Installations of collections are everywhere. I wondered if the owners/artists had collected and hung all of the shoes or if others had added a few here and there. It would be tempting to add an orphan or two when no one was looking. Think of all the abandoned shoes found on city streets - or pairs thrown over a wire. This would give them a new home and purpose.

detail of deteriorating shoe sole

Part whimsy,

part macabre,

Heidelberg Project captures your attention,

demanding a look here,

no! a look here...

Best this is the best view of all.


  1. This is so compelling. Detroit is a weathervane. No other large city has been so decimated. How can we metamorphose a ruin into a human place? Thanks for the insight.

  2. A fascinating commentary isn't it? So much going on there - but I do love that last shot the most; they look totally engrossed.


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