Thursday, January 15, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 4 - Red - update 2

Welcome to a new year of searching for Roy G Biv! Being as Julie and I are going back to the beginning of the Roy alphabet, January's color is red. Enjoy!

 Ann Hamilton's ONEEVERYONE at the Transformer Station, Cleveland, OH

strolling to the Cleveland Museum of Art


 Charlotte, NC

 having fun with the family in Leesburg, VA

 Philadelphia sidewalk


Yearning for more red? Take a stroll over to these blogs then:

Ronnie of art & etc has been looking up this year. I just couldn't resist including her latest post with it's pop of red against a gorgeous blue sky.

Fiona of Paper Ponderings is back with her insightful Thursday Thoughts.

Maya, who I know best from Million Little Stitches, is beginning the new year of Roy by moving him to a place of unexpected adventures, take diversion.

Want to join in the fun? Just leave a note for Julie or I and we'll link to your post. Stay tuned for updates!


The new year has brought some new searchers our way. Welcome Fran, Elfi, Linda and Roxanne! When you have a chance, take a peek at the luscious reds offered by:

Elfi at elf2mani
Mary Ann at Blue Sky Dreaming
Charlton at Charlton Stitcher
Lisa at arzigogolare

Eric at Cerulean and
Roxanne of Ideas in Cloth have joined in the search for Roy.


February 19 - orange
March 19 - yellow
April 16 - green
May 21 - blue
June 18 - indigo
July 16 - violet
August 20 -brown

September 17 -gold
October 15 -grey
November 19 -pink  
December 17 - blogger's choice


  1. You always come up with the most unusual and varied photos for your RoyGBiv colors, and you've done it again! Love the bowling ball and the red Love sign!

    1. Thank you Sharmon! When traveling, I try to keep an eye out for Roy G Biv items. The bowling balls were just too tempting to not photograph. And we all had a blast. Enjoy!

  2. p.s. forgot to mention I posted my reds...

  3. Great 'finds' for today's Red! Love the close up of Home. I have stayed in my living room and searched for red ...!

    1. I love that you ventured round your living room for red. Perhaps one time it would be fun to limit ourselves to our homes for that month's color. Hmmm.... Enjoy!

  4. Jennifer - It's always great to see your rich and varied collection of whichever ROY color is currently in play! The "red planets" caught my attention, and then the unusual perspective on the game pieces...for a sec I thought they were red decanters similar to Julie's.
    I missed playing along last month, but have posted some red today and am looking forward to continuing the search again this year...

    1. Red planets! Took me a minute to get that one. We love playing games at our house and Sorry is a definite favorite. Sadly, my little urchins win more than John or I. Bowling was a delight as it was my mom, my brother and his family and our brood. From 7 to 75 and my mom's first time. It was great!


  5. Hey, Jennifer,
    I'd love to play along.

    1. We'd love to have you join us Roxanne. Just post 5 or so photos featuring red to your blog and leave me a note here with the link to your post. Enjoy!

  6. j'aime ce défi.. les couleurs parlent... c'est ma première participation avec plaisir!!

    1. C'est merveilleux de vous joindre dans la recherche!

      I hope you will join us through out the year. Your reds are delightful. Enjoy!

  7. Again a wonderful series and a great photo of home.
    I've justed posted my "red" post. - eric

    1. I'm so glad you're joining us again this year Eric! Your work is amazing. Enjoy!

  8. Late as I often am...I think I love the Cleveland Art Museum sculpture the most, but I keep flicking up and down and throughout them all - the game is stunning; I keep thinking it's something lined up next to the pool at a resort - weird huh? Enjoy!

    1. Got a little chuckle from your thought about the Sorry pieces...and then remembered the humongous chess set the girls played with at Cancun last year. Wonder how playing Sorry with life size pieces would be? No doubt the girls would love sending John and I back to start!

      The Cleveland Museum of Art sculptures are wonderful and huge. My photo doesn't do their size justice. And they are stunning in their simplicity of shape and color. There's so much art in Cleveland to see and experience. I'd love a week to just roam and visit with Christine Mauersberger. One day... Enjoy!


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