Monday, January 12, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 4 - reminder

Do you know what this Thursday is?

It's the first 3rd Thursday of 2015 and that means we're kicking off a new year of Roy G Biv. We're going back to the beginning and starting with red. If you're joining in the search, just leave a note for Julie or me when your post is up and we'll be happy to link to you. 

Hope to see your reds on Thursday!

January 15 - red
February 19 - orange
March 19 - yellow
April 16 - green
May 21 - blue
June 18 - indigo
July 16 - violet
August 20 -brown
September 17 -gold
October 15 -grey
November 19 -pink

December 17 - blogger's choice 


  1. Thanks for the reminder - eek, the year is well underway!

    1. So...will you be joining us this year? Please? Pretty please? I know it must be difficult to pair Roy G Biv with your Thursday Thought, but I always look forward to seeing what you've managed. Please?

  2. Already searching for reds. Thanks for the reminder. - eric

    1. Wonderful Eric! It will be great to you have you join us again. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Jennifer. my post for Red is up for Roy G Biv 2015. I'm going to be posting Roy G Biv 2015 on my other blog Take Diversion.

  4. What a lovely, diverse lot of reds! I especially like that walk to the Cleveland Museum of Art ...


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