Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saturday in New York City - January 17

Winter = ski season = Saturday in New York City for me while my family skis.

The first stroll (read near jog to stay warm) of 2015 through NYC had me looking up in honor of Ronnie and her 2015 daily series of looking up photos.

Vogue Knitting Live NYC at the Mariott Marquis was our first stop. My friend and fellow fiber/mixed media artist, Deb Jansen, joined me.

Ute Lennartz's hand-knitted teepee dominates the entrance to Vogue Knitting Live. It is breathtaking in its simplicity, size and artistry.

Ute Lennartz uses wool to cover everything from trees to entire bridges. You could call her work yarn bombing, but her attention to detail and the meaning she puts behind each project makes them much more. Her latest project is a series of hand-knit teepees that are the result of a conscious effort to encourage people to come together in a place that is beautiful and safe. This is her first installation in the United States. She lives in Remscheid, Germany. Find her online at *

Mariott Marques lobby 

It was impossible to take photos inside the Marketplace as the aisles were so packed with knitting enthusiasts that being jostled was a constant and I was afraid the camera would meet the floor in a not so good way. Needless to say, anything and everything involved in knitting or crocheting was available.

Our next stop was ABC Home with it's eclectic selection.

After enjoying a lunch of the most delicious cheeseburgers and french fries courtesy of the ABC kitchen, Deb lead the way across the street to Fishs Eddy.

The store is a life-sized treasure box of restaurant ware and vintage goods.

I don't know if Einstein really said this, but couldn't resist taking the shot.

If the weather allows (meaning if it's not so wintery that I wimp out), another trip to NYC is planned for next Saturday to see Debra Smith's Shifting Territory at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts and the Textile Study Group of New York's Square 2015. Stay tuned.

*from Vogue Knitting Live placard


  1. What a lovely random selection. I especially enjoyed the first of the photos from ABC Home and those tantalising bowls in Fishs Eddy with their messages we can't quite see ...

    1. ABC Home is always an overwhelming sensory experience. I've tried to get a good overview shot of the first floor of the store, but it's so packed with goodies and people that I just haven't managed it yet. Need another trip to try again!

      The bowls from Fishs Eddy are rather snarky and say things like:

      What are what you eat. What is that, cold cucumber soup?
      Look alive, after all this is your intervention.
      Finishing your meal in two seconds does not make you a winner.

      There were more bowls and plates along that line and then some that were recognizable from restaurants/diners I've eaten in. Being as it's across from ABC, there will more visits to Fishs Eddy.


  2. I'm loving everything about this post..... but most of all I'm loving the warm fuzzies I feel when friends think of each other..... thank you so much for thinking of me as you looked up xxxxx

    1. You, Fiona and Barry were definitely in my thoughts on Saturday.

      I usually look up when in NYC to view the architecture and reflections...and try to see sky (some of those buildings are gigantic!), but this time I found myself wondering what you would think of the city's skyline. Would you spy the water tower atop that building or see the balloon in that window way up there? Would you notice something I hadn't and point it out? Yes. You were with me. Looking up.

  3. A wonderful and inspiring wander J - hope you get back next weekend!

    1. The plan is to visit NYC each Saturday during ski season. The girls are on the pre-ski team this year and are on the slopes Saturday and Sunday so if the weather is iffy one day, I can go the next. It's all a question of whether I wimp out. Hate being cold, but really want to venture in and see the sights.

      Does feel a bit odd to not be meeting you and Barry somewhere though. It is our winter, after all.....

  4. Lucky you to live so close to NYC. I've ordered from Fishs Eddy and have wanted to visit in person. Fun fun fun.


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