Sunday, January 25, 2015

How was your week?

For some reason, I always seem to have a difficult time settling into the new year. The first weeks find me drifting along, unable to focus for long on much of anything. Lists are made and promptly lost in the clutter of the studio - so more lists are made, ideas jotted down on whatever is at hand and promptly lost or inadvertently discarded, etc, etc. It's a vicious cycle that can only be broken by one thing - a good decluttering of the studio. That done, I was finally able to be productive this week.

Much stitching took place while listening to several recorded books - Sarah Addison Allen's Lost Lake and First Frost. Next up is Alan Bradley's latest Flavia DeLuce novel, As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust.

While working on my piece for Silvermine Arts Center's Signed, Sealed and Delivered fundraiser,

the abstract left on the newsprint when ironing the excess bees wax out of the piece caused many new what ifs to spring to life.

We had a skiff of snow earlier in the week

which graced the rusty gears with just enough to be charming.

I played with photographing shadows

and yesterday morning's pre-dawn snow

which was heavy, wet

and perfect for making snowballs and snowpeople...or so I've been told.

You see, while the family ventured to the ski mountain yesterday (my little urchins are on the ski team's development squad this year), I trekked upstairs to the studio

where cutting, cropping, repositioning, stitching and bees waxing took place. 

It's time to heat up the iron and see what emerges.

How was your week?


  1. Hi Jennifer, nice question and fine story about your week. I think you did a lot and I like the results so far. We had a lot of snow this week, with later a lot of sunshine and it was cold. So I could work on several projects. First I put some fabric in the soda-ash and later on started snow dyeing with it. So I got six beautiful pieces and decided to make a bag with them. Since I saw a 'dandelion fluff' (I hope it is the good word for it) in the design, I made one by embroidering. Now the bag is almost ready, I snow dyed some more fabric, went to Oslo for the 2 yearly mammogram, and was today on skies for the first time in my life. Obviously I had to become 60 years old to try that. It was a nice and busy week and I hope to put the results of my bag on my blog this week. Hope you continue make wonderful things and blog about that. Kindly regards, Eke Krug

  2. Loving the stitching and the waxed piece looks fascinating. Beautiful snow picture, we haven't had any yet but its usually later here if we get any.

  3. January has been bumping along here too. I've been doing mail art projects, small and easy to complete. Feels like I did something.... The Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap is open right now. I have links on my blog. Having professionally printed postcards of your artwork made is a good reason to do the swap but getting some really good artwork in your mailbox is so fun! It was nice to peek in on your studio, fun week!

  4. It looks like your new year is turning out to be quite productive so far... LOVE all those stitches!

  5. It looks like a lovely week - filled with life and colour and stitching and snow. I know I reach a point where I can't do a thing until I tidy up and clean up the studio - but it feels so liberating when its done! Here's to happy wanderings and explorings - and where to next with the wax marks!

  6. J - beautiful images inside and out - love the rust and pure white snow in particular. Stay safe and warm over there. B

  7. Seems to me you had a marvellous week Jennifer! Glorious snow and then lovely things happening in the studio too. It will be fun to see where those new 'ah ha' moments lead. My favourite photo is the one with the bird house and its turquoise door. Steve would say I have a 'thing' about turquoise at the moment - and he would be right. x

  8. Doesn't it feel good to be organized enough that you can run free in the studio? It looks like you "returned" with lots of energy & creativity. I have a partially reorganized studio right now, and am trying to ignore the cluttered part, but I don't think I'll settle properly until it's all in, until that happens, it's a little of this & a little of that - and lots of planning/dreaming - in this corner of the creativesphere.
    Enjoy your beautiful stitches and other projects, and here's to a year full of "what-ifs" and tante belle cose...


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