Thursday, February 21, 2013

Searching for Roy G Biv II - Red, update 1

Welcome to the second round of Searching for Roy G Biv! 

Julie and I are starting all over in our quest for the elusive Mr Biv. Yes...for Mr Biv. Sometime last year when Julie originally mentioned Roy G Biv in a post, I had to do a quick internet search on him. I had absolutely no idea who the mysterious man was nor why he rated a mention on her blog. 

Fast forward to discovering his true identity and feeling rather foolish, but just a tad curious, I asked my husband if he knew the truth about Mr Biv. My query was met with...well...much laughter that the question even needed asking. Seems he and Julie learned the colors of the rainbow the same way while I had merely learned red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.  

Thus began our monthly search for the elusive Mr Biv. Basic guidelines for how to participate in the search can be found here.

My reds are mostly from my weekend trip to Washington, DC last month...a few photos that were held back to share later. Enjoy!
 Austin Grill booth, Washington, DC

John Eric Riis. Pair of Prickly Pears, detail

Mark Rothko, Orange and Red on Red
The Phillips Collection, Washington DC

Xavier Veilhan, Figure 2010,
The Phillips Collection

 bear sculpture outside The Phillips Collection

fire hydrant gears, Washington, DC

felt sculpture in store window, New York

markers at home

 House Wine red label

When you have a chance, stroll on over to these blogs to be amazed at their reds:

Julie, Fiona, Karen, India, Maya, Kim and Lisa have red. Do you?

Update 1 - Lisa just added the most tantalizing array of reds.  


  1. Such a wonderful variety of places you found red! I like the sense of going many places when I see pieces of red taken from your wide wanderings. I keep going back to the glowing 'EXIT' sign - and the gorgeous Rothko & the curly ampersand. And thanks for the giggle from the house wine, with the house's red door!!

    1. Searching for the monthly colors has made me take note of items that otherwise would have escaped my attention - like the red door on House Wine's red wine label. I too got a giggle out of that one. Need to find a bottle of their white to see what it looks like.

      As for the exit sign...I simply lucked out that the camera captured all that rosy glow.

      Can't wait to see your reds! You've always got such a thoughtful post.

  2. Excellent recap my dear! Also an excellent selection of've been busy with your camera. Makes me realize I need to take a walking tour of the city of D.C. soon...spring sounds like a nice time...

    1. Thank you Julie! Looking for red in DC was a delight. Looked for other colors as well, but just couldn't see any that tickled my fancy and begged to be photographed. Spring in DC is always a great time...especially for getting together with old friends. Hint, hint.

  3. The red bear would look really good in my yard. Love that bear! and red!

  4. The felt sculpture, ampersand (of course) and the Rothko are my faves - like you, knowing that there is a Roy g biv out there to do I pay more attention to the photos I take...just in case! Lovely to see a world-wide search underway again! Go well F

    1. Those are my favorites too. The red door on the House Wine label still brings a giggle though. Actually, it was a pretty good wine.

      It's wonderful to see the search expanding with a few new participants this time. The more the merrier!


  5. Replies
    1. Won't you join us in our search? The March color will be orange.

  6. These are all wonderful. So sorry to miss the February red post as I was away travelling - but I will be doing the orange and look forward to seeing the results.

    1. Thank you Charlton! It's fun to look for colors when traveling. I'm glad you're joining in the search for Roy!


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