Sunday, July 1, 2012

A rare day

Yesterday was a bit of rare day for me. 

It involved a train ride,

 lots of walking and looking up at the windows of office buildings

while admiring unintentional art compositions on some.
This way?
Or this way?

Some art was on purpose.

Some was the kind that feeds your senses.

It sounds odd to admit, but the wallpaper blew me away

 as did my view at lunch.

In case you haven't guessed, Saturday was a day in New York City. Even midst the heat, it was fun to explore, see new art, visit Habu as well as the Museum of Art and Design and reminisce about my last trek to the Big Apple in February to meet Fiona and Barry.

More about the day and the art...especially the come. Right now there's a party to get ready for. 

My little urchins graduated from preschool on Friday and a celebration is in order.

Oh! If you have a chance, pop over to Flags for Peace Project - 2012 to see what I did this week.


  1. Oh Jennifer - I am right back there now! I am almost thinking you had lunch again where we had lunch together!?!? Oh...I am sitting here twitchy-excited and hyper! Man, I wish I could have popped over to catch up in NYC again, visited the MAD together...One day.

    Happy graduation party - there is a part of me that can hardly believe one graduates pre-school these days - in my day (ahem) we only graduated once - Yr 12, 6th form, senior whatever it is called! Showing my age me thinks. Have a fab few days before flying out.

    1. You got it exactly! After walking in the heat in Chelsea, I taxi-d over to Columbus Circle and MAD. Was famished so food came first and it only seemed appropriate to go with the familiar. As luck had it, my table for one was facing the windows. No problem since the view was so wonderful!

      Got a good chuckle out of your graduation comments. I remember a little ceremony of some sort when finishing kindergarten, but the real graduations for high school and college. The preschool did a nice program to celebrate the fact that the 5 year olds are moving on and will start kindergarten in the fall.

      Yikes! Yes, we do fly to London on Thursday. What a week it's going to be!

  2. Love the are always so great at composition! (e.g. the Roy "guessing" photos). Were you in NYC to see a particular show at MAD or just wanted to get a day of inspiration?

    Can't believe you're heading off to London on Thurs. I bet it's insane over there with the preparation for the Olympics. I have a friend who is planning to be there for the Olympics (which seems crazy to me).

    Have a great time (though, I'm sure we will be commenting). Can't wait to see what you discover.

    1. Went to NYC to see an exhibition of drawings by the mom of one of the girls' classmates as well as to visit Habu. Since I finished early, it was off to MAD. There's always an interesting exhibit to be seen.

      It seems a bit surreal that we're off to London on Thursday. Life has been so incredibly busy lately that there's been little time to think about it. Check my FB artist page for updates - learned to take photos with the iPad and load directly to FB.

  3. oh
    oh NYC
    fortunate U!
    love all your
    patterns captured photos...

    {{ i am The Worse at moving around in a group
    as i Always fall behind
    as i pause
    to photograph
    the cracks in the sidewalk! }}

    even in my day
    we celebrated graduation
    from kindergarten
    as it was all private
    back then,
    nothing in the public schools
    and this celebration meant to me--->

    New white gloves
    & white socks
    with lace
    along the edge...


    {{ yours look so sweet;
    i see
    from here
    they are Stars! }}

    1. You and I would do great together
      in our lagging behind and
      shared love of photographing
      the cracks in sidewalks.

      What are your thoughts on crosswalks
      and well worn painted steps?

      Hoping your electricity is restored,
      if not yet, then very soon.

  4. i did not realize that we lived so near to each other (in the global, even continental sense)... we could meet in the city! and go back to habu... one never fails to find things of great beauty and interest there...
    and congrats to the littles!

    1. If I remember correctly, we're on opposite sides of NYC. To meet in the middle and go exploring with you would be a great adventure.

  5. Ok, so if we can't magically pop back to NYC for a catch up and wander - we think it would be almost as good to know the two of you were doing it!

    1. Do you Skype? Maire and I could Skype with you and Barry when we meet in the middle. Of course, the best plan would be to all meet there. One day...


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