Thursday, June 28, 2012

Art math - the answers cont'd

Fresh red roses +
rusty bits +
300 lb watercolor paper =

lovely muted purples.

Or is it mauve?


  1. I love how some of the rusty bits are hidden within the rose petals. These pieces are almost wonderful!

  2. now that's a kind of math i get! lovely to the brim!

  3. Very gorgeous! The petals are beautiful enough, but adding in the rusty pieces adds another layer of beauty. I have a bundle steaming away right now. No rusty bits though...I have to go searching!

  4. Stunning hues! According to the Derwent Studio coloured pencils series, they go from 'Rose Pink' to 'Pink Madder Lake' and on to pale lavender and lilac. I wish I knew how to do that too!

  5. you are one clever girl! the last photo on this post could be made into a large photo print...people would hang it their walls!

  6. ah, huh. mm, oh, wah ...... just lost for words! Exquisite. There, I found one.

  7. Thread Born - The pieces with the rusty bits are definitely my favorite too. I actually looked at these pieces and wondered how they would look framed. Haven't tried that yet, but...

    Anca - Thank you so much! Art math is most fun. Surely you play with it too? Add this, subtract that, divide in half here...

    Kim - Can't wait to see your next steamed batch! It's interesting how the black from the rust changes the colors. The t-shirt had pinks in it where it was bundled tightly enough. With the papers, the black and pink seem have gotten muddled and turned to purples. At least, that's how I think it happened. Haven't tried a batch of just rose petals yet.

    Ersi - The hues are stunning, aren't they? Wish I knew how to do it too! It was just dumb luck...or should I say it was the magic of the cauldron {crock pot}? Sounds much better that way. Need to try this on various papers to see what/if effect papers have too. More what ifs.

    Jill - Thanks for visiting! Funny - I looked at several of these pieces, which are 5" x 8.5" to fit in the crock pot, and thought they'd look great large...if only there was crock pot big enough...

    Susan - Ha! Love your response and am grateful for it.

    Thank you all for your kind words about my experiment! There will be more, if only I can figure out what to do with the papers next. Ideas?

  8. What gorgeous results, Jennifer! And I loved all of your images/words relating to the preparatory steps in your first 'Art Math' post - very appealing visually/poetically...

  9. Arzigogolare - Thank you very much for your most gracious comment!

    Noela - They do look very or black, do you think?

    Suzie - Thank you!

  10. These are really wonderful ... that combination of natural/organic and industrial/factory made ... will they become a book? An installation?

  11. Hi Jennifer...nice to "meet" your work, it's very inspiring!

  12. What a wonderful group of pages...I think like you it's worth looking at them framed, but maybe with some grey thread or stitching somewhere, either adding a detail to the page or somehow linking several pages across or down a long thin piece? It will be fun for sure.

  13. Ann - Thank you! The combination of organic and industrial appeals to me too. The papers that are solely petal marks lack the high contrast yet offer a white space of sorts for the other pages. As for what they'll become...I have no idea although I keep referring to them as pages. It was all one huge experiment which went very well and which begs for further exploration.

    Becca - Welcome! Nice to meet you too. Glad you found my little blog. Come back to visit any time.

    Fiona - I keep carrying on a conversation with you and Pam in my mind about these pages...papers...this experiment. So far, we've decided we really like them and need to explore this whole process a bit more, but the jury is still out on just what to do with them. Stitching is an option. An accordion book? Frame 3? Arg! Too much to consider right now. Your thoughts are always welcome!


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