Tuesday, July 10, 2012

London - Day 4 Brick Lane

I ventured up Brick Lane yesterday in search of a tea set for the little urchins. No luck on that front, but oh my! what a street to wander on! From the delicious aromas wafting from the abundant Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants to the vintage clothing stores to the graffiti, it was like stepping into another world.

Maybe it's the artist in me, but the graffiti was what captured my interest most. And this time I had my camera.


  1. the art works are simply amazing. thanks for showing us!

  2. J-some absolutely stunning graffiti art you have captured - I just love it - I want to walk past those places and just soak in what you have seen and captured; but because I can't - thanks for sharing. Continue to enjoy. B

  3. Where to begin? WHat an astounding visual feast. I tried to work out which one spoke to me loudest and I think it was the woven/threaded arms. Such amazing artworks all of them. Our country town's walls are very quiet in comparison...

  4. très beau reportage ! Du graffiti de grande classe!

  5. All I can say is WOW!
    Next time we go, Mark and I will have to venture that way. Seems as if you are having a great time. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. An open-air exhibition of wonders! Imagine living on that street!

  7. A few new onces since l was there as few weeks ago and a lot of my old favorites ..like the old tall stork. Glad you are enjoying yourself. I get a lot of my inspiration from around Brick lane area. Amazing place.xxlynda

  8. Lyle - The artistry of the graffiti is amazing. It made for such an interesting walk.

    Barry - Glad you like the shots! It was a bit surreal to walk past all the graffiti [there was more] as well as Indian and Muslim women in saris and burkas.
    Quite a memorable day.

    Fiona - I agree with you about the woven arms! That one drew me across the street for a closer look. It was very well executed and I would love to have been able to talk with the artist. My second favorite is the one of the youth with his hood up...I think...or maybe the girl with her hair hanging over one side of her face and the nose ring.

    Mireille - Merci! Pour votre commentaire ainsi que pour visiter mon blog.

    Thread Born - Wow! is a good adjective...and one that I used repeatedly during my stroll along Brick Lane. I'm curious as to how the residents or shop owners view the graffiti. Next time you visit London, you should definitely visit Brick Lane.

    Ersi - "An open-air exhibition of wonders" Oh! That's such a wonderful description and exactly how it felt. I've never been to India or to such a heavily Muslim area and felt a bit like Alice sliding down the rabbit hole at times. Brick Lane is a whole other world from where I live in the States. Way more interesting too.

    Lynda - While I, and those who have commented here, find the graffiti amazing, I'm wondering what the residents and shop/restuarant owners of Brick Lane think of it. Do you have any idea? There were a few that I wondered about the hidden meaning of, but, well...wasn't about to stop anyone to inquire for fear of insulting them just by asking. Memories of my stroll will stay with me for quite a while.


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