Monday, July 9, 2012

London - Day 3

Our Sunday plans were derailed by the weather. Brick Lane markets had been our destination until we emerged from the hotel to find it pouring. After discussing our options, we got on the tube and headed to the Victoria & Albert Museum.

A few steps inside the V&A, I reached for my camera only to realize that it was still in the hotel room. Holy smokes Batman! did I ever feel naked without my camera!!! Took a few shots with my iPad, but it just wasn't the same. Not to worry, a second trip is planned for Tuesday and I promise to make sure the camera is packed.

Later in the afternoon, I went exploring while my husband did a bit of work. Enjoy the photos!



  1. Wow - you sure found some great stuff, Jennifer - who said London was dull and grey?? X

    1.'s been plenty dull and grey, but then the sun peaks out for a bit. Thankfully, that's the way of the rain too.


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