Friday, June 22, 2012

In the studio

What a whirlwind life has been since returning from Oz! Or maybe that sentence should read something along the lines of the whirlwind begun in Oz followed me home!

Life has been non-stop lately and most of it has been little urchin related. The first week after the artist retreat was spent finishing readying my 5 large rust beauties for jurying for a 2013 solo show at Silvermine Arts Center.

They were ironed and rolled around swimming pool noodles for transporting, 

then hung on the wall with the greatest of ease. As I stepped back to observe all that was hung, I thought I had it. I knew I had it. I didn't really though. When the list was published, my name was not on it. Congratulations to those whose names were!

Back in the studio, there are the artist retreat boxes to unpack, canvases to stretch my rusties over,

homework to start for an October workshop as well as

homework to complete from the artist retreat.

And then there's London to plan for too. Thank you to all who suggested places to visit! I'll be wending my way there 2 weeks, in fact. Yikes! Time to start packing...


  1. What!???? I can't believe you didn't get short sighted of them. My guess is that something even better is in the works for you.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! As it turned out, there were only 4 shows available and at least 20 artists [that hung their work rather than jurying from photos...don't know how many chose to jury with photos] vying for them. Two solo, one two-person and one small group show were awarded.

      I'm not upset because my work is strong as was the works that were chosen. I'm hoping to get feedback at some point and want to learn how to write a successful proposal.'s all part of the big "what if" picture.

  2. such powerful work
    your gorgeous rust lovelies
    will find their spot in the sun
    I have no doubt
    happy homework
    and London prepping
    we will be in Cancun then
    with the tribe of 11...

    xox - eb.

    1. My rust lovelies are currently enjoying being out of the spotlight, resting in a corner of the studio, quietly waiting.

      Did you happen to notice just who the homework is for? Didn't really focus on the teacher's name, but it's there...

      Let's see...Cancun and London...we'll have to swap stories and photos when we both return. Have fun!

  3. busy busy. hope you're carving some breathing space for yourself. your work is wonderful. cheers to better opportunities!

    1. The breathing space is July when my little urchins will be in art camp all day and my husband will again be traveling for work. I'll have 7 hours alone for each of 5 days to do as I please. Guess where I plan to be...yep! In the studio, happily working away.

      To have you think my work is wonderful is indeed an honor. From the depths of my heart and soul, thank you.

  4. I hope your time over this side of the big pond was enjoyable (its always hard to be away from home..... sigh....) and also that you shrug off small disappointments (no show this time? phewy!) and continue the journey..... oh I listened to a rippa uni speech (oooo I've momentary forgotten the details - but remember his advice in the face of rejection, disappointment, setbacks, etc)

    'make great art'

    1. Oh! I know the graduation speech you're referring to...Neil Gaiman gave it this spring at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. What an incredible speech it was. I've listened to it twice and may just do it again.

      My time in Oz was spent on my side of the big pond rather than yours, in the US version of Oz...aka Kansas...where the airport stores sell ruby slippers for little girls and The Wizard of Oz is a staple in summer theater. One of these days I'll make it to your Oz and what fun that will be!

  5. oooh I hope you enjoy that workshop! yay for the Aussies. Sorry to hear about the Silvermine lack of solo-ness. It is always so hard to know the why of these things, but the works will find their place, they are so beautiful.

    1. I'm excited about the workshop. From all reports, she's every bit as good a teacher as Dorothy Caldwell. At the rate that life is moving right now, I really do need to begin gathering the things on the list.

      No worries about the lack of solo-ness. It was a good experience and I know that my rusties are strong. Just need to find the right venue.


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