Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art math

Red roses

+ a stained, yet in good condition t-shirt
 + rusty bits [of course]

 + more rose petals

+ 300 lb watercolor paper
and more rusty bits

= 2 bundles of paper and 1 of cotton.

Submerge the small bundle in the cauldron,

add a few more rose petals

 then put the larger paper bundle in
and add more rose petals [of course].

Don't forget the t-shirt...it yearns for a new life.
Oh! And a plumb bob for weight.
{Thanks for the idea Pam!}

 Top it all off with...what else?...more rose petals
and 2 more plumb bobs, just because.

Put the lid on the cauldron, 
set the heat to low and walk away. 

Try not to get too curious throughout the day. 
Lifting the lid too often may just hinder things.

I'm wondering when my little urchins are going to realize 
that the roses have disappeared from the kitchen counter.


  1. Such suspense! Can't wait to see what happens!

  2. You are welcome (about the plumb bobs!). Look forward to the big reveal later...looks good enough to eat.

  3. I can feel the suspense all the way over here!

  4. Ronnie - It was suspenseful...I kept sneaking in the studio to check on everything. Not sure if it helped or not, but...

    Pam - Ha! Several have commented that it looks good enough to eat. I wouldn't recommend it.

    Julie - It was fun taking everything out and opening it up...especially the t-shirt.

  5. J - and here I was thinking that F was loopy putting paper out in the mist with rusted chains and tea bags - there must be something happening in the waters of the astral level???? Go well and keep 'cauldroning'. B

    1. Ha! I'm still laughing over this one! No, Fiona isn't loopy...well, not that I'm aware of anyway. I'm the culprit for the idea for paper & rusty bits in the rain/mist. Full credit is not due me as I stole it from Elizabeth of Be...Dream...Play who probably was inspired by someone else. It's all one of those cycles of life...art life...rust life...and definitely in the water!

  6. Thanks for the step by step description. makes it easier for us loons to play along sometime!

    1. You're welcome Fiona. Anything to help a fellow loon...or should be a member of "the lot"? So...have you bought a crock pot yet? Just wondering...


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