Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cooking - studio style, part 2

Barry, he of the Rustnstuff blog - and Fiona's husband in case you didn't know - left a comment on yesterday's post that gave me quite a chuckle just now.

J-it is unbelievable what you paper and textile lot get up to

Oh Barry! You have no idea. Then again, yes you do. You're married to a member of the lot after all.

My mind immediately goes to my week at Pam's, knowing what the two of us got up to...and knowing that this whole studio cooking experiment came out of Pam's what if about the crock pot. Now, just imagine throwing Fiona into the mix...and Susan of Tracemarks. Ooooh! What delightful mischief we could get up to. 

Speaking of cooking in the studio, care to see a few photos of my favorites from yesterday's experiment?

The red is from eucalyptus rather than the roses and there's a lovely yellow in some that I've yet to figure out what caused it. The black from the rusty bits gives great contrast to the more muted colors.

I used 140 lb cold pressed and 300 lb hot pressed watercolor paper. Above is 300 lb. The thickness of it was perfect for creating [accidentally since I had no idea what I was doing] separate patterns on both sides. The photo above is the front, below is the back.

And then there are those little sections:

Not bad for a first try, huh? I want to play with eucalyptus, fresh roses and rusty bits on white paper as well as some that has green tea on it. Then again, there's a stained white t-shirt patiently waiting in the studio for a new life that may just find its way into the cauldron this week.

On a personal note - I owe several of you emails. Bear with me please. Life is exceedingly hectic at the moment with the little urchins graduating preschool, relatives visiting, birthday parties, the trip to London, etc. I will write back. Promise!


  1. Ooohhh - I want to come and play with you Jennifer. What have you been doing with paper? Absolutely love the results. In fact I am just plain old jealous!

    1. Just been what if-ing and experimenting, a la India Flint, with rose petals, rusty bits, paper and a crock pot. Not bad for a first try and absolutely no idea what I was doing...not that I have that much more of an idea now...

  2. All I can say is "wow"! You are off on a new adventure.

    1. And what a fun adventure it has been so far. Bought more roses at the grocery this morning and am eager to submerse them in the crock pot with paper and maybe a stained t-shirt.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Arg! Google is playing with me...not posting my comments and then posting them after I've written another.

  3. on the same wavelength
    yes - me too
    used dried rose petals
    which left mustard sliminess
    dried - quite lovely
    oh oh oh
    but peach and chocolate
    due to the sauce
    will show...

    xox - eb.

    1. Peach and chocolate? Is that what you've been doing...besides making me extremely hungry with all your delicious titles? Tell, tell!

  4. These are so beautiful... after reading one of your posts a while back I added some green tea to one of the rust bundles I had had sitting outside for a while and was amazed at the results. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Helen! I'd love to see how your green tea experiment turned out. Do you have photos? Or would I find it on your blog? Need to look...

    2. I haven't blogged it yet, I really must! But there are some photos on my Flickr

    3. What fun you've been having! Just took a look at your Flickr photos and need to go back to view them again. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I am drooling all over your 300 lb double sided paper. wonderful!

    1. Thank you Lyle! I'm eager for a second try...fresh roses are downstairs...

  6. This is wonderful stuff...especially for a first time. This is what l love about eco-dyeing..anyone can do it and get results...especially children. Lynda

    1. I hadn't thought about eco dyeing with my daughters, but they'd probably love it. Wonder how dandelions would do? That seems to be their favorite flower and are plentiful in our yard.

  7. i love how
    you are
    ~~the citizen scientist~~
    over here
    with your rust bits,
    with your plant dyes...

    this is the thing i love the most,
    trying out little squares of art*experiments.

    i am collecting seeds
    for my own science projects,
    not to plant
    but to play with them in my art.

    and collecting sea*shells
    to make my little bundles.

    never enough time
    and i have no urchins
    to blame
    just the sun
    calling me
    to play.

    1. Your comments are always such delights, so poetic.
      Thank you for your words and the way you weave them.

      Tell me more about these seeds that are being collected...
      True seeds or metaphoric?
      If true, just what do you plan to do with them?
      And may I send you some from way up north?

      Can't blame a girl for choosing to play in the sun
      over staying inside...unless, of course, it's either raining
      or the muse is whispering in her ear.

      I remember the days pre-little urchins,
      and think of all the wasted time that cannot be retrieved.
      Then I think ahead to September and kindergarten...
      and dance in the studio for it's full day here.
      Guess where you'll find then....

  8. hi J - I laughed - what an absolute riot we could have together! What if, and how about? and what do you think? And I love that B gets it so well. I have been pondering if we could send you lots of eucalyptus leaves from here - they are everywhere and would make such nice colours. I just don't know how your customs might feel about it. Love some of the things that happened in your crock pot - very delish and exciting. The unexpected can be so wonderful! Have a good few crazy mad weeks before you go.

    1. Oh yes! We'd definitely have an absolute riot together...and a ballet of 4 would be performed effortlessly, I'm sure. This quartet is on my "one day..." list.

      Your offer of eucalyptus straight from the source is most generous. Like you, I'm not sure what US Customs would think of such a package and am afraid it wouldn't make its way to my house. The local florist or grocer eucalyptus will do for now.

      I'm hoping to have another batch simmering tonight. This time with fresh rose petals...possibly wrapped up in a stained white t-shirt...and a bundle of paper, of course. Stay tuned!

  9. love love love the contrast of the rusty bits. must be like christmas morning, waking up to such beauty and surprise.

    deep breaths. life is good.

    1. Great analogy! Yes. It is fun to open the bundle and see what awaits. There's more to come as soon as time allows.

      Taking lots of deep breaths. Life is definitely good, hectic, but good.

  10. WOW oh WOW your results are beautiful. I tried some, but steamed them instead of putting them in water. And I don't have any rusty pieces yet... I'm looking though. Thanks so much for sharing how you did this. Mine did not turn out as beautiful, but it was fun, and has got my brain wheels turning.

    1. Thank you Kim! For a first try, I'm pleased with the results. Got fresh roses standing by for round 2.

      How did the steaming go? Did you get much color that way? I'm curious...hadn't thought of steaming and have no idea how to go about it. As for the rusty bits...99% where found underfoot when out and about and not looking for them. A glance at the ground and there they are...sometimes.


  11. These are beautiful, J. How do you plan to use them? Framed, in a book, etc.?
    Sharon E

    1. How to use the papers...that is the question.
      And one that has yet to be answered.
      Some have been included in packages sent afar,
      others hang around the studio reminding me of their existence.

      Still...I really have no idea yet.


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