Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art math - the answers

Roses {fresh this time} + 
a crock pot +

a stained t-shirt =

 a shirt given a new life.

The paper bundles are drying and will be shown tomorrow. Needless to say, given the great colors of today's batch, fresh roses are far preferable to frozen ones.

Kim over at Letting in the Light has been cooking in the studio too. Rather than boiling, she's been steaming her bundles with wonderful results. Take a stroll over to see.


  1. Replies
    1. Not too bad if I do say so myself. I'll happily wear this t-shirt now.

  2. J-pretty wild result - and a very unique tee-shirt. B

    1. I'm thrilled with the result. Still need to set it and wash it...and am wondering how much of, or if, the black from the rust will wash out. Hopefully, most will stay put.

  3. Watching and wishing! you are having way too much fun! must get my act together and try!

  4. Whoa girl! Pretty cool. Love the new T.

  5. gorgeous!
    I have been playing with euc and ferns...
    so fun
    esp. now that it is cool

    xox - eb.

  6. Amazing results Jennifer! I do need to go in search of more rusty bits! Thanks for the link to my blog, and for the inspiration. I look forward to seeing what your paper looks like.

    1. Thanks Kim! The paper turned out pretty good, more lavender than pink...from the rusty bits, I think. Photos soon.

      You've inspired me as well. Steaming the paper rather than submerging it is a "what if" to be tried soon. Thanks!

  7. Wow - what a great result! Hope some if not all of it holds with the washing out. Once more, we wait...

  8. Lyle - I'm definitely having fun! Can't wait to wear the shirt now.

    Julie - Kind of fits in with your posts on using recycled kitchen stuff to print with. Don't throw those stained t-shirt away...give them a new life...print over the stain. Just an idea. I can't be the only one with stained shirts...can I?

    eb - Ferns? Hmmm...there are a lot in our yard. Thanks for the idea! Love the journals you've been creating...and the titles!

    Fiona - I'll wash it soon. Want to take it London.


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