Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3rd Annual Artist Retreat - Tuesday part 1

One could say that I was on a tear Tuesday. And one would be right. However...yes, there is a definition of the idiom varies a bit.

With 3 pieces collaged and set aside, I decided to go really big and work on the triple circles. was hung this way. No whispering from the muses.

Then it was hung this way. Still no whispering from the muses, yet a giggle or two did escape and I could swear the phrase looks like boobs in the middle was uttered. After sitting, staring, sighing and only being able to see boobs in the middle, I decided to go on a tear and

voila! 1 became 2. The muses were happy. Esmerelda and Cecil were starting to dance. I pondered, viewed the pieces from varying angles, pondered some more and decided to go on another tear.

1 had become 2 had become 9. By now Esmerelda was fairly twirling in place and demanding more.

So, I gave her more. The triple circle piece went from being one huge, boob filled, overwhelming yet not very exciting piece to 16 squares full of energy, interest, focus and movement. And this is much closer to my vision of how the rusty fabrics should be displayed.

Imagine a set of 9 or 16 or 25...or even a simple row...of fragments of circles. That's my vision. Focus on the marks rather than the rust. Cotton is my palette, rust is my medium.

Phew! How's that for a Tuesday's worth of work?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was quite a freeing moment. Of course, Pam had palpitations watching me do it, but it was only fair. I've suffered the same watching her ruthlessly tear her wonderful fabrics down to smaller pieces. In the end, we've both agreed that those were instances where smaller was better as it gave life to the piece.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing/reading about your process with this piece (I can imagine the giggles after the first rotation of the fabric!)...and I love the result. It's amazing how much life can be infused into the exact same materials once an artist has a chance to dialogue with them.
    P.S. I believe I ended up over at your blog via Fiona or Susan recently, and have really enjoyed returning.

    1. Oh! The giggles were plentiful...and I must admit that a few came from me as well. As great as the two pieces were [there are plans to make another and leave it as two], I just kept seeing fragments of circles. After a rather agonizing hour or so, my curiosity got the better of me and the rest is history, as they say. It's heartening to know that others agree.

      Glad you found your way over via Fiona or Susan. I've found my way to your blog as well via Fiona [I stroll through her favored blog list all the time]. In my previous art life, I was a weaver of the basketry sort. Your latest post is one that draws back every few days to marvel at your weaving of words.

      Come visit anytime!


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