Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The girls are asleep. My husband is traveling until Friday. The cats are curled up near my feet as I sit here at my studio desk and wistfully look around the room.

to my left

straight ahead

 to my right

I need to respond to emails from friends that came in last week while we were on vacation. Need to edit more photos of the trip to update my other blog. Need to work on pieces begun and abandoned. Need to rust more cotton. Need to sit and wistfully look around the studio because it isn't going to happen today no matter how many what ifs are flitting through my mind right now. Ever have one of those days?


  1. all in due time missy
    it will flow
    at the river's pace...

    your studio views are gorgeous
    I am wistful too,

    xox - eb.

    1. "It will flow at the river's pace..."

      One sometimes forgets that creative energies,
      and muses of any sort,
      need to rest and recharge
      from time to time
      so that the creative energy
      can flow as the river does...
      at its own pace.

      Thank you for reminding me
      that sitting here and being wistful
      is needed, and advised, too.

      Enjoy! Jennifer

  2. Some days it just doesn't happen. It's not meant to happen. It would be a disaster if you started or tried something. When its right it will happen. Be gentle and kind to yourself. F - in staccato sentences!

    1. Staccato for emphasis?
      It's quite effective, by the way.

      I'm just a bit bummed this week...
      returning from a great vacation
      with little urchins exchanging
      a feverish cold - Grace has it now.

      John is in London, for business I know,
      but still, he's in LONDON...
      on business again, without me...again, darn it!

      Still, 'tis better that the girls be sick at home,
      than to be in London with sick little girls.

      My studio is waiting patiently,
      understanding the reasons why only email
      is getting attention inside its walls.

      Thank you for understanding too.
      And, especially, for your staccato sentences...
      not to mention the exclamation mark! Tee hee, tee hee.

  3. Your studio looks wonderful, Jennifer. So clean. The work is inspiring.

    1. Ha! It doesn't normally look this good, but I cleaned and straightened before leaving for vacation. Usually, little of the actual work table can seen, but as no work has been this week...

      It's heartwarming to know you find my work inspiring. I'm so in awe of yours, after all. I'm curious...what would you do with rusty cloth?

  4. OK - I get the London envy bit - but don't you EVER let him come to Australia without you and the girls!!! Grounds for divorce or some such in my book! Hope the weekend is going well - I have been incense burning again...

    1. Oh! Thanks for laugh Fiona! I nearly spewed jasmine tea everywhere just now reading your note. And you're correct, John going to Australia without me would be grounds for divorce...or at least throwing all of his clothes outside for the wind and wildlife to have their way with. Ha!

      Actually, his company has offices in Sydney, Pyrmont and Brisbane. We've been trying to figure out how he can get his boss to agree to a trip that includes Australia for a bit now, but especially since you and I became friends. One day...

      Glad you mentioned the incense. Gotta get some today and see how it plays with cotton.


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