Monday, February 13, 2012

Rust circles #20

We're back from vacation. Back to cold weather, but surprisingly no snow. The girls are disappointed. I'm okay with it.

After a very restless sleep...thanks to one of the cats being overjoyed that we've returned and who wanted me to play all night...I stumbled into the kitchen, fixed a pot of jasmine tea, grabbed a rice cake and headed back up to the studio. There was unwrapping to be done, after all.

Rust circles #20 was unbundled and hung to dry before my tea began to cool. I think that rusty circle deserves to be set outside to soak up some sun and rejuvenate a bit. What do you think?


  1. It looks like that rusty circle worked hard while you were away - it really made a strong impression! Lots of yummy bits in there.

    1. The rusty circle did work hard and is enjoying a bit of rest...until this weekend, I think. I'd like to see how it plays with tannins.

  2. it is lovely as is
    but - yes
    the temptation
    to do more - add a layer
    yes - to what Fiona said
    let it rest - how ever
    and move into the new...

    xox - eb.

    1. All the rusty pieces are resting now,
      metal as well as cloth,
      waiting for next time...
      waiting for a transformation
      into more than just rusty cloth.

      The ideas are swimming in my mind...
      really should write them down
      before they swim away.


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