Saturday, February 18, 2012


As I sit here in the studio this morning, I find myself reflecting on the week and realizing just how tired I was...physically, mentally, creatively.

Odd that. One would think that a week's vacation would have provided the needed rest. One would think. However, try a week's vacation with very active 5 year old twins and...well...need I say more?

To those who sent a note, whether via this blog, email or Facebook, on my wistfulness during the week and the trials the week included - having to act as a human straight jacket to hold Ellie still enough so she could get the last two vaccinations required to begin kindergarten in the fall with her crying and screaming like a banshee the whole time - I say a most heartfelt Thank you! for your caring, understanding, sharing, wisdom and humor. 

Now...back to art before I get all teary eyed...yeah...I'm a softy at heart, but don't tell anyone.

If you've ever perused the list of my favorite art blogs, you'll have seen Judy's Journal listed. Continually in awe of Judy's work, I found myself reading her new biography and, well...becoming even more in awe of this amazing artist. So inspiring.

Yesterday morning while getting ready to Skype with Pam, the sun was streaming through the window nearest where I'd planned to sit and causing huge reflections on the computer screen. With visions of Elizabeth's - she of - gloriously covered windows dancing in my mind, I hung a piece of tea rusted cotton in hopes of softening the light.

Later, with the afternoon sun streaming in the covered window, I just couldn't resist taking a shot. The studio was bathed in a rusty tea glow.

house shaped sun catcher that was a housewarming gift from Pam when we moved to Connecticut

With shadows and reflections swirling in my creative mind, I walked back into the kitchen and looked at the refrigerator. The refrigerator? you're no doubt thinking. Yep. Our stainless steel refrigerator.

Liz Davidson - this one is for you. For Liz's stunning photos of reflections on her refrigerator, click here.

Here's to a lovely, creative weekend for us all!


  1. dear dear Jennifer,
    I have - in my mind's eye
    seen your gorgeous work
    with the light coming through it
    (gypsy tent dream/vision)
    your studio...
    "bathed in a rusty tea glow"
    (this is my dream:
    tents awash in this warm light)
    I have often thought to mention this
    but so much more powerful
    to discover it...
    playing with this low slung winter light
    sustains me
    fiddling now
    with the late morning light patch
    on the round cherry table
    I have made images to post
    to your post
    the light coming through...

    you have made my morning,
    xox - eb.

    1. As always,
      your words
      to the dreamer
      in me.

      "Tents awash in this warm light"

      I can see it now...
      the gallery with rusty fabrics
      draped tent-like here and there...
      light streams through each
      at varying angles
      bathing the whole room
      in rusty warmth while
      shadows dance on surfaces
      and gypsies sing.



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