Friday, November 4, 2011


We've entered day 7 of no power. May I say that this is really getting old?

Thankfully, the girl's preschool had their power restored Wednesday so the little urchins are warm and happy. I'm hopping between Starbucks, the library and other warm places. My husband has offered his office as a refuge, but I just can't see sitting there all day.

My studio is lonely, but it's just too cold in there to work. Maybe I'll take some cotton and threads outside to stitch a bit. After all, it is warmer outside than inside these days.

Sorry for whining a bit. Thank you for listening.


  1. 7 days is a long time
    esp. with small children
    to be w/o power
    years ago we had an ice storm
    that took out the power
    for maybe 10 days?
    we had candles, oil lamps and the wood stove
    (we heat only with wood)
    we gathered water from the melting ice
    cooked on the wood stove
    we were actually a little disappointed
    when the power came back on
    it was romantic
    and quiet
    normal life was suspended
    fortunately it is still reasonably warm
    thinking of you
    while I plan a surprise bonfire party
    for Boone with his girlfriend
    gathering glow bracelets, etc...

    xox - eb.

  2. eb - I can honestly say that I will be thrilled to have the power restored. Candle light and fires in the fireplace may never be romantic again. Not after this week. Hope Boone enjoys his bonfire party. Sounds like loads of fun!


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