Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow days

Who doesn't like a snow day every now and then? A day to play, to be a kid again? Make snow angels, go sledding, build a snowman, have a snowball fight? I enjoy all those activities, even more so now that I have children.

However...yes there is a monster of a however...not when Mother Nature decides to dump 15 or so inches of the white stuff on us not only two days before Halloween, but, to add insult to injury as the saying goes, on my birthday. If She had deigned to ask what type of weather I would have preferred, snow would not have been on the list, let alone in the top three.

Those along the northern east coast reading this know what's coming next. Reports of trees and tree limbs down, some falling on power lines. For the second time in two months, we are without power. In September, we were lucky and our power outage was for two days only. The temps outside were much warmer then too. Not sure we're going to be so lucky this time. Seems most of the state is in the same boat we are.

This is the long way of saying that it doesn't look like much art is going to be made at my house this week. I may post a few photos of the snow. Got one of my husband fixing breakfast on the grill yesterday midst the white stuff.

By the way, as I type this on my iPad, which has a long battery life, I feel the need to say thank you to Steve Jobs for his genius, creativity and ingenuity in creating such a great little device and all the other Mac products he pioneered. May he be having a snow day so he gets to play too.

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  1. oh my - that sounds very wild and wooly. And how very dare it snow storm on you birthday? I hope you had some happy and fun moments in amongst it all, and that the power comes back on real soon - I am shivering over here just thinking about it. Take care F

  2. Fiona - Despite the weather, my birthday was very nice. John baked a cake and was just starting dinner when the power went. We dined on chicken salad sandwiches, chips and cake by candle light.

    Even with as cold as it seems in the morning, the daily temps are to be at 50...which is typical fall temps and will melt the snow. There are places to go for showers, to get warm and recharge electronics. Plus, the next town down has power. Starbucks is even open! Be well.

  3. well
    we were just wondering how you might have fared
    nature is so fickle
    and the patterns have been wonky
    alas, it was golden
    but I do know the burden of sudden excessive snow
    esp. with warm temps
    hoping all goes well
    happy happy birthday
    my husband is 10/28, my son 11/1,
    celebrating all around...

    xox - eb.

  4. eb - All in all, we've faired well. Still without power, but plenty of places to escape to that do have it. Keeping my 4 year old twins occupied is the hardest thing...especially since their preschool is powerless too. We're hoping tomorrow will be our day. Glad to hear your part of country evaded the storm. And happy birthdays to your husband and son! We could have quite a party celebrating all the birthdays.


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