Friday, September 30, 2011

Experimenting with rust - part 3

My curiosity got the better of me yesterday afternoon. Since the vinegar speeds the rusting process, I knew the masonry nails and washers would have left their marks in no time. And they had. Still, more interest was needed so all was wrapped and tied back up until this morning.

It's no longer just a big white tunic. The photo (left side) is of the front yet the back is just as interesting. In fact, the middle shot on the right is a detail from the back that shows the marks left from the waxed linen when the pieces were originally wrapped.

Part of me wanted to stop the process here and hang the tunic outside to dry and cure a bit before soaking it in baking soda to stop the process and, ultimately, laundering it. However, for experimentation's sake, I removed the rusted elements and bundled it back up on itself to see if more of the color and/or rust would continue to transfer. Being that it's our first non-rainy day all week, the temptation to air it is very strong so...well...who knows? Stay tuned for round 4.


  1. Love your experiments! I have made some beautiful rust marked t-shirts by using rusty old chain and beer bottle tops. When ever I wear them people comment on them. I kept the white of the t-shirts as a contradt and also added some leaves dipped in rusty water. The Geranium leaves left a nice bluey grey pattern and also give a good contrast to the orangy rust marks.


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