Thursday, September 29, 2011

Experimenting with rust - part 2

Before going to bed last night, I checked on the rusting white tunic and was pleased to see the process working. This morning, very curious yet showing restraint, I waited until my daughters were at school before opening the bundle which showed far more rust than white.

Since this is an experiment, I decided to add a few smaller elements to the mix and wrap it all back up, until tonight or maybe even tomorrow morning, depending on how patient I can be.


  1. do you find all that rust stiffens the cloth?

  2. Jude - There's one section that may be a bit stiff due to the amount of rust, but that will probably wash out. Normally the fabric stays pliable.

  3. Too cool for school Jennifer! Love it - and the speed! Hope round two produces more good results. I am of course now tempted to go wrap all those not quite right clothes around rusty bits and see what happens!

  4. Fiona - Thanks for the laugh brought by your "too cool for school" comment. Somehow, I thought you just might like it. There are a couple of white t-shirts in my closet awaiting their turn at being rusted as well as two black t-shirts that I plan to discharge. I figure if they discharge well, all those t-shirts with stains have a future other than becoming dusting rags.

    By the way, the speed of the rusting is caused by the vinegar...and one extremely rusted gear. Can't wait to see what clothes you rust!


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