Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Experimenting with rust

Back at the beginning of spring, I bought a white tunic to wear with leggings. Thinking that I'd look all chic and modern and possibly a bit artsy when wearing it, I actually felt just the opposite the one time it was donned. To say that I felt like a huge white blob is an understatement, but gets the point across. It has hung in my closet ever since. Until today, that is.

Inspired by India Flint and Jude Hill, I decided to experiment and rust the tunic.

I have to admit while that copies of India Flint's Eco Colour and Second Skin are present in my studio, I have yet to truly set down and read every word. That's my way of saying that I'm sure the process used this morning is probably all wrong, but as this is an experiment using the materials/supplies at hand (read rarely worn cotton shirt, vinegar and huge rusted gear), then I figure it's okay.

The bundle is currently in the studio, resting on one of my work tables by a window to soak up whatever sun it can in this rainy weather. Stay tuned for the unveiling in a few days.

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