Friday, March 11, 2011

Fallen cairn

Last April I combined my love of rust and fiber by wrapping white cotton around various rusted items that I had bought at a scrap metal place. Once wrapped, the pieces were stacked as a cairn by our front steps.

Occasionally, the neighboring dog would come to visit and end up knocking the cairn over. Each time, I re-stacked the pieces and renewed my vow to leave it out for at least a year so Mother Nature could work her magic with the cotton and rust. 

Today the cairn became visible again for the first time since December 26...when our winter of snow began. 

It is a mystery just what caused the cairn to topple again. I don't remember it being on the ground before the snow began, but my memory is not quite what it once was and we really did have a lot of snow this year. 

I must admit to being very curious to see what the rust looks like once the cotton is opened up. So, the big question is whether to wait until April to do so or is March close enough to it being a year?


  1. What a lovely story - and oh what beautiful rust! Perhaps the weight of the snow made it topple this time? I'm not sure if March is close enough - will leave that one up to you!

  2. Fiona - Funny that you should say that March in not close enough. Even as I wrote the comment last night, I decided to wait until returning from a trip in April to open the cairn.. I'll re-stack today for our rainy season to do its magic.


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