Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cairn - restacked

Cairn #1 has been re-stacked for one last month. I can't believe it has nearly been a year since it was wrapped and stacked to brave the elements and occasionally curious dog as well as my girls. 


  1. It's such a lovely shape and seems so friendly to look at. I think it will be amazing to take the cloth off and see how the year has marked it; and lovely to see your rusty bits again too!

  2. Fiona - Thank you! As curious as I am to see what the cotton and rusted items look like, I'm also already wondering if a larger cairn can be created. There's a whole bin of rusted bits on our front porch just waiting for me to do something with them. The wrapping part is easy. It's the stacking afterward that gets a bit tricky.


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