Saturday, July 1, 2017

London - Thursday

Our last day in London began with me having very high hopes for how our day would go, but as any parent knows, plans can and do change very quickly when little ones are involved. The 5 hour time difference plus the sun still being in the sky until nearly 10 pm has played havoc with not only my sleeping patterns, but Ellie's and Grace's as well.    

While it was touch and go for a few hours as to whether or not we'd ever leave the apartment, 

my powers of persuasion eventually won out and  

 we headed to our favorite spot.

Yes. Borough Market. No doubt when their friends ask their favorite thing about London, it will be Borough Market. And who could blame them?

We ambled back to the Tate  

so I could purchase the circle t-shirt. 

During a macaroon break, I noticed that those remaining

were the colors of the landscape.

We stopped by OXO Tower Wharf,

listened to many wonderful musicians,

delighted in the bubbles playing on the breeze

and met friendly monsters. 

The girls dressed for dinner in their new poncho and beret from Henrietta Park.

Our aprés dinner stroll took us

past many of the newer office buildings

and I couldn't resist their colors and patterns. 

Good night London. Thank you for such a lovely visit.

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