Thursday, June 29, 2017

London - Borough Market

Any list of places to go while in London should include at least one day to experience Borough Market. Our apartment is close enough to allow for daily strolls among the stalls.

Our very first stop was at Tea 2 You where even watching the tea masters ready a tasting is a visual feast. Samples of the loose leaf teas sit under a glass bell shaped cover just waiting to be lifted to allow the aromas to tease your senses.

Luckily for me, the girls share my love of tea and have delighted in being able to ask for a sample of any that catch their interest. So far, we've purchased Rose Hibiscus, Mint and Rose, Jasmine Hibiscus and Darjeeling 2nd Flush. Today is our last in London before heading to the Lake District so I'm sure we'll be dropping in at Tea 2 You for one last tasting...and purchase.

The sign for daily burgers had us stopping and wondering just how ostrich and kangaroo taste. Like chicken or beef? Or are they totally unique tastes? We were curious, but not enough to try. The sign proclaiming crocodile burgers had the girls in fits of disgusted squeals and giggles.

If you fancy sweets, Borough Market is a dream come true with macaroons, 

meringue the size of softballs, 

every cake imaginable

and the most delicious chocolates.

The headless roasting hog was a first for Ellie and Grace. While I've seen whole hogs roasting at barbeques, they hadn't. As we neared the hog, I slowed our pace and waited for their reactions...which were what I had expected - shock, a few squeals (yes, they're at that age...) and finally a good discussion of the subject and how good the meat must taste. Satisfied, we were off for more exploring.

The octopuses

at the fishmonger were an attention getter.

The fish had me yearning for a fully stocked kitchen

and the mushrooms had me wishing for adequate knowledge to take a box home to cook. 

Instead, we took home two Thali boxes to share. While the dishes were spicy enough that the girls found it necessary to take a drink of water every third or fourth bite, the meal was so good that they actually licked the remnants of the sauces off their too, but they didn't notice...shhhhh.....


  1. Well that would take a day or more! I imagine you could get easily sidetracked and utterly absorbed.

    1. Most definitely! Each day seemed to bring more and different vendors. It was sensory overload of the very best kind.


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