Saturday, May 27, 2017

Santa Fe Retreat 2017 - The first few days

Greetings from the land of endless sky. Pam and I are back in Santa Fe, having our annual retreat a bit early this year as I'll be teaching a class during our usual week in October.

We've discovered a few differences between May and October - the wind has been relentless so far and the sun rises earlier. I have managed to miss the glorious sunrises so far and am considering setting an alarm for tomorrow morning. 

The landscape itself seems greener and more energetic than in October. Roads and paths are bursting with color. A lot of the blossoming plants are very low to the ground - to be safe from the wind?

I must admit that my first day here was one of self-indulgence (read that as pure laziness). The couch beckoned and provided the ideal spot to read and watch the sun play with the tree outside the studio door.

Their frolicking combined with the sun sneaking in through the skylights provided quite a light and shadow display. 

At some point, I mustered enough energy to do a bit of asemic writing in my travel journal

which lead me to wonder what would happen if I wrote on one of the story tiles that I'd brought to work on.

And with the rolls of Canal Paper that had been purchased from Artisan on our way from the airport patiently waiting for me to put them to use...well...

the call to create 25 feet of asemic writing was just too strong to ignore. Over half of the roll has been written on and I am pondering what type of marks to add. Stay tuned!

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