Saturday, November 12, 2016

Seeking peace

In a turmoil filled week, with my mind and soul screaming, trying desperately to still the fear and urge to flee,

I found a bit of peace at the Mark Twain Library

Tibetan monks began creating a world peace mandala Wednesday morning that measures 4 feet x 4 feet. The Tibetan singing/chanting of prayers during the opening ceremony were soothing and began to quieten my soul.

I stopped by at opening Thursday morning to see how much of the mandala had been created Wednesday afternoon,

and to watch and be mesmerized by the process and sound of bone rubbing against metal funnel.

Yesterday found me back at the library, this time with my daughters who were equally fascinated.

Progress is definitely being made.


  1. I'm sure that this was fascinating.
    Did you see the buddhist sand mandala on House of Cards in the white house? Season 3 I think. x
    It also spoke of peace and stillness, the aesthetics of labour and time and patience.

    1. The vision of a peace mandala being created in the White House is exquisite. Wonder if it's ever been done? Sadly, I've yet to watch House of Cards, which my husband says is amazing and needs watching.

      Years ago, Pam and I saw a normal sized peace mandala (12 feet square) being created in Washington, DC. We can't remember where exactly - no doubt at one of the Smithsonian museums. It was even more mesmerizing than the one at the library. For one that size, the monks begin at the outside corners and work in. Fascinating to watch and listen and just be in the presence of.

  2. Love that you found this this week Jennifer - such balm for the soul. Thank you for sharing; it feels good to know the peace makers are still out there...

    1. I suspect someone at the library, which is our town library, thought it might be welcome after the election as it was already scheduled. I'd thought to drop in at some point, but come last Wednesday morning, the need to do so was overpowering. In truth, it was the only bit of peace felt that day or the next. Panic has now been replaced by anger and that is on a slow burn. I'm hoping it will produce positive action on my part.

  3. Thinking of you during this tumultuous time. The Peace post was apt. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful - thank goodness for some sanity in the world


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