Monday, November 14, 2016

Finding a bit of peace

As I dressed to go to brunch with my family yesterday morning, I felt the need to carry good thoughts with me. Several years ago, I'd purchased a wonderful pouch necklace from Mary Jane Dodd. Hand stitched, painted, knotted, adorned with various talisman-like items, I've always thought of this as Mary Jane's peace necklace. It has graced one of my studio walls, just above a collection of art from other artist friends so that it could be viewed each time I entered the studio and so that the collective peace could be felt.

Yesterday the need to carry good thoughts with me was so strong that I took the necklace down and filled it with my own talisman - two small feathers found in our yard, a Yogi tea tag that says "Our thoughts are forming the world" and the words peace, hope and love which were a gift from Fiona and Barry. The simple, powerful words stamped on metal are Barry's exquisite work.

To know that I was carrying such literal symbols with me, helped to soothe my soul. To feel the friendship that these pieces carry is immeasurable. Thank you Mary Jane, Fiona and Barry.


  1. Love love love this Jennifer - hold them close...

  2. J - what a beautiful way for a bunch of friends to come together to offer each other strength and calm. Glad to be part of it. Go well. B


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