Thursday, September 29, 2016

Santa Fe 2016 - Wednesday

Numerous discussions took place between Pam and I as to just what it was that we thought we wanted to work on or with during this year's Santa Fe retreat. I kept coming back to paper and books.

So yesterday morning while all was quiet, I cropped and re-cropped the red and gray thread drawing from Tuesday ( photo of the full piece). It was my least favorite of the large sketches, but had potential. Cropping allowed the flowing lines and arcs to become the focus.

Not wanting to glue the sketches to the backing...and not being patient enough to wait for the glue to dry properly...I stitched the pages to the black backing. 

The inside of the book is full of color and energy, while the back is more subdued. 

It needs a holder, a container, a pocket or envelope to keep it safe. That will be made at home. 

After stitching the original thread drawings on full sheets of paper, I wondered what would happen if I used smaller squares. Two sheets of Rives BFK lightweight yielded 12 eight inch squares and provided the basis for what I hope will be a daily practice. Only time will tell...


  1. Wow Jennifer, it's amazing what you create with focused time ( I'm quite jealous!).

  2. So beautiful. I love the arcs and flowing lines of the cropped pieces, and the beautiful tighter full circles. The texture of the stitched line is lovely, and I also love the stitching without thread.

  3. Loving those last images of the smaller squares - tranquility plus. Hope you can find a daily practice in it - so hard to do when you return home! Paper and books - bi gsigh of happiness. Enjoy!


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