Thursday, September 29, 2016

Santa Fe 2016 - Sunday-Tuesday

What a week it's been so far! Pam and I are back in one of our favorite spots, Radiant Light Art Studio in Santa Fe, for a week of creating, experimenting, relaxing, enjoying being together, eating great food and then getting up and doing it all over again the next day.

This is one of my favorite views. It means we've arrived and will soon be passing through the gate and stepping in the studio.

horse sculpture at Cafe Fina 

The light here is amazing...from sunrises and sunsets

to it streaming through the door 

in the morning and 

creating amazing shadows.

Belinda, who owns this glorious studio, told us before we arrived that there had been more rain than normal so we'd find the land greener than usual.

The flowers are blooming more than usual also.

Sunday was spent beginning a new tea bag work using a photo from Pittsburgh of the bridges reflected on the river. It will be a very large piece when completed - 12 feet x 9 feet. This seemed the perfect place to work on such a substantial piece as the ceilng is 15 foot high and display boards are equally large. All day Sunday the sewing machine hummed along.

Lotta's post about making time was such an inspiration that I yearned for my own customized planner/journal to keep notes and found things in so Monday morning found me constructing mine. The printed pages are from Maylem Made. Extra blank pages as well as pockets are strewn throughout.

The sky here is vast, as is the land. There are magnificent views everywhere you might want to look.

My planner/journal complete, the studio spirits had their own ideas as to what I should creating. 


Thread drawings.

While I've been stitching away, Pam has been painting calm, peace, tranquility.

By the way, Pam can now be found on Instagram and Facebook. We've both been posting to Instagram so stroll on over to our feeds to see what we've been up to. Just click on Instagram in the previous sentence to go to Pam's feed and here for mine.

lines and dots by Pam Sullivan, photo Jennifer Coyne Qudeen

circles by Pam Sullivan, photo Jennifer Coyne Qudeen

asemic writing by Pam Sullivan, photo Jennifer Coyne Qudeen

waves/lines by Pam Sullivan, photo Jennifer Coyne Qudeen


  1. Oh, your post did my soul such good.. How I love NM... Beautiful images, gorgeous work!

  2. AHHH, this is wonderful. I can almost feel the air of Santa Fe.

  3. Oh my goodness - I always want to wing myself over and hang out and watch the two of you at work/play! How stunning. I could just drink all of Pam's images in they are so beautiful. An your circle drawings are gorgeous - woo hoo!


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