Monday, July 4, 2016

In the studio

With my not-so-little urchins in summer camp last week, it was possible to get back in the studio.

I've been thinking about my rusted stash lately and brought this piece out to ponder. The full piece is approximately 72" x 96" with crisp rust prints amid ghost images of the rusty gear. The whole is wonderful and I would like to keep it whole, but all ideas for what to do next just flee what viewing it.

After a round of printing on tea bags, the layers of text left on this sheet of freezer paper caught my eye. Wonder how an image of it would look printed? Hmmm...

And then there were the tea bags.

Stitching together a gathering 

of words from a few years ago.
27 of them. 


  1. This is a very interesting idea. I often end up with backing papers that have ghosts of previous work on them ... and then they sit in my tray catching my eye as I try to work out what to do with them at all. Stitching them together in some way (or stapling them together or a combination of both?) would be a great thing to try ...

  2. So lovely just to be in the studio with the chance to wonder what if?

  3. Hi J - studio time is just so precious is it not. I had to laugh quietly to myself about the freezer paper transfer - bit like our household - oh look at that over there - always noticing those small things; and then thinking - how can that be incorporated into what I'm doing next. Love the sheer size of the rusted piece - something will come to you. Go well. B


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