Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Torrington Yarn Bomb

Pam Lacey and I ventured to Torrington, CT this past Saturday to stroll through town and enjoy the yarn bombing experience sponsored by Five Points Gallery. The extent of the yarn bombing was a bit surprising.

Besides the usual parking meters,


and fences,

store fronts had been included as well as.

Peggy Dembicer's version of The Scream is exquisite. Peggy partnered with another artist to create this...I remember reading the accompanying tag, but cannot recall the artist's name. Each work had a tag identifying the artist, but in my amazement and excitement, I forgot to photograph those as well. 

This butterfly tree held a little surprise in the shape of a small taxidermied  red squirrel sitting in the v of the tree. As Pam and I marveled at someone's sense of humor to do so...and as we both reached out to touch said squirrel, it blinked its eyes and we (or me) squeaked and jumped back before breaking out in peels of laughter.

Sufficiently recovered from our shock, we continued strolling and looking.

 Cookie Monster is a visual and textural treat

as are the seasons (only spring is pictured here - the seasons continue around the post). 

My irreverent sense of humor enjoyed the yarn bombing of the Pope,

although not as much as the feet on the mail box. 

This peacock is enormous on its perch above Main Street. 

Nearby is piece honoring the local aquarium complete with colorful fish, jelly fish and a huge red whale suspended midst a tree. The variety of patterns that comprise the tail caught my eye. 

This felted mermaid is hanging out on the bridge

while this little one is attempting to climb the tree. 

It was this tree, though, that had me wishing I'd brought a book so I could lean against its large and comfortable trunk to relax, read a bit and enjoy the shade its magnificent branches offered.

The yarn bomb is up until September (not sure of the exact date) and is well worth a drive to see it all - and there is much more to see than shown here.


  1. So wonderful of you to capture the essence. Thank you for making and recording the journey. Your blogs are always such a beautiful visual trip.

  2. Thank you for so beautifully recording our yarn bombing. I will be sharing your blog.
    Thank you,
    Ginger Balch
    In Sheep's Clothing Yarn Shop
    Water St. Torrington

  3. I shared your blog to my Facebook page. I hope you don't mind. You appreciate this as much as I do!

  4. These are such fun! I especially enjoyed the (very tasteful and dignified) yarn bombing of the Pope. I have a feeling he might have approved!

  5. Hmmm, it's a long drive from Oregon but looks like it would be worth it! Love the pope. And I'm still laughing about the squirrel!


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