Saturday, June 27, 2015

The first days of summer

The first week of summer vacation has been busy with play dates, going to a baseball game, shopping, playing in softball games, visiting the aquarium and butterflies.

The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk has a butterfly house for the summer. After being amazed by the iMax movie Flight of the Butterflies, which tracks the migration of monarchs, we ventured into the butterfly house taking care of where we stepped - some like to rest on the warm ground - and moved.

Ellie immediately made a new friend. I call her my butterfly whisperer. Whenever we visit butterfly houses, they are drawn to her and land on her far more than on Grace or myself.

Perhaps it's the colors we wear? Or some bodily scent detectible only to butterflies? Or maybe they just need to get used to us. Soon enough, Grace had visitor as well.

As I reached up to brush hair from my face, this little one decided my fingers made a nice resting spot.

This blue morpho kept me company while I sat

and simply enjoyed watching Ellie

and Grace interact with the butterflies and others who there.

It's an odd feeling to have a butterfly land on a bit of your exposed neckline and stroll around it awhile before changing course to walk down your back. I snapped this shot just before it disappeared on its downward trek.

My favorite flutterbys, Grace and Ellie. 

How was your week?


  1. lovely; i remember taking ian and hannah to the butterfly house at the VIC when they were middles, for flutterbys and joseph bruchac telling stories. those days...

  2. Hi J - what a beautiful thing to experience. Though they are in captivity they are at least protected. So glad the urchins got to share the space with such gentle fragile creatures. Peace. B

  3. This post just looks and feels and just seems like summer! Just perfect...

  4. joli billet..en suisse existe aussi un papiliorama...


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