Saturday, June 20, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 4 - Indigo, update 1

Indigo is a mysterious, ethereal color to me. It brings to mind the sky at twilight

and the deep blue visible when flying above the clouds.

It is history with a tactile sensibility. 


It is durable with great functionality,

Yvette & Ansley, 2010
cut denim
yet great beauty as well.

Indigo is actually one of my favorite colors to create with.

Tea bags and the red boat enjoy it too.


Yearning to see more indigo? Just take a stroll then to see what beauties await from:

Roxanne at Ideas in Cloth
Margaret at Charlton Stitcher
Susan and Elizabeth at PG Fiber2Art
Mary Ann at Blue Sky Dreaming


A Pieceful Life shares a quilt made of indigo


July 16 - violet
August 20 -brown
September 17 -gold

October 15 -grey
November 19 -pink

December 17 - blogger's choice


  1. I would love a mention in that list especially since I have a solo exhibition coming up in Melbourne in September.

  2. Hi J - the tea bag and red boat was enjoyed as commanded. B

  3. That indigo book is a favourite! I love the colour too - it is moody, gentle and so evocative!


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