Sunday, May 31, 2015

6th Annual Artist Retreat - Saturday in the studio

Yesterday was another great day in the studio. 

Circles abounded as did creative energy and ideas for future work.

After piercing another line or two, 

I enjoyed hand stitching with the red thread - watching it play with the circles and skim the surface of silence to continue its journey. 

At some point in the day, X decided it wanted to join in the fun.

Pam continued to experiment with her newest piece.

White on white. 

Layered circles.  

It's stunning.

Space was cleared so it could be hung for better viewing while Pam worked on it. Lights were added behind it and the effect was wonderful. Sadly, my photographic skills are not quite enough to do it justice.

In the afternoon, we ventured into town to watch the happenings at the art center - steamroller printing on 4 foot by 8 foot wood cuts. More on that soon. There's a bit of time to be spent in the studio this morning before all must be packed. Time to head downstairs...


  1. All those layers are so so beautiful and intriguing! What a wonderful retreat time you have had!

  2. Hi J - what an amazing body of work - your retreat certainly has been productive. Love thatr big studio table. Go well. B

  3. oh that red, a determined but yeiding meandering through the silence... wonderful.


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