Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 7

Mother Nature graced us with a skiff of snow yesterday.

Wind is roaring today and tossing things about.

My little urchins and I marveled at Wind's leaf collage in the driveway.

The birds are thankful for a full feeder of seeds and nuts.
I am thankful for the ideas their footprints are spurring.


  1. Hi J - I had never heard of a skiff of snow before - great word. Love the patterns in the delicate layer of snow. Hi to the urchins. Go well. B

    1. I'd wondered if "skiff of snow" was a phrase that translated well over your way. It's a little bit...just enough to cover the ground.

      I'm envious of your summer right now. It's -16C here this morning. Not the coldest ever, but the coldest this winter so far. Brrrrr......

    2. The wind is whistling here in the UK too ... but not a hint or suggestion of snow, skiff (it is a great word) or full blown fall. I quite envy you!


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