Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cleveland - Day 4

Day 3 of Velma's and Aimee's class was just as fun and wonderful as the first 2.

Examples of indigo, shifu, etc were shared. The air resounded with oohs! and aahs!

Aimee showed her Private Performance: Treehouse (2008).  Intaglio print on knit paper yarn.

  Aimee featured in Another Escape magazine

Velma taught us to spin thread from paper using drop spindle. I have to admit that the hand motions required were just too tight for my hands so I spent most of the day spinning my kozo into thread by rolling it on my knee.

The blizzard binding technique of book binding was taught. No glue required. Love this!

Lotta working on her blizzard book

 Velma's exquisite eco dyed...linen, I think it was...forgive me Velma if that's not correct...

with her even more exquisite stitching.

Cleveland by the lake

Time to get ready for our last day of class. Enjoy!


  1. workshops are good for us all to take now and then, and it looks as if there is a lot to feed you in this one. Being together with other like minded people is a bonus isn't it. Love that bath tub you discovered.

    1. Workshops are definitely good for us all to take. It's the learning something new, the sharing of ideas and knowledge, but most of all the meeting of kindred spirits. It's been such a lovely time here in Cleveland that we're all loathe to have it end. Still, it will be fun to return home and put what was learned into practice. Wonder if that chartreuse bath tub will fit in my van? Enjoy!

  2. I like to to think the Dogs Above sent a snowstorm to Philadelphia especially to give Hedi Kyle quiet time just so she could devise that blizzard book

    1. Aimee told the story of the inception of the blizzard binding, but the creator's name slipped my mind. Thank you for knowing who to give credit to. It's a wonderful binding, made more so by the story. Enjoy!


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