Friday, May 2, 2014

Eye candy - updates

And food for the soul.

carpe diem by rhonda ayliffe - better known as Ronnie over at Art and Etc

fieldnotes by India Flint, the prophet of bloom herself

What are you reading?


Ooops! Just realized that I'd neglected to mention that both books can be ordered on Blurb. 

fieldnotes can be ordered here 
carpe diem can be ordered here

Happy reading!


  1. oh jennifer - aren't you the sweetest thing --- gosh but the bloggy universe has been good to me - introducing me to the loveliest most supportive creatures out there..... here's a virtual hug from this side of the pond for your generous spirit

    1. You're very welcome my dear. Your art gestures are magical and it's a delight to be able to open your book and peruse a whole year's worth. Surely there are other years to publish as well? If not, there should be, don't you think?

      Thank you for this gesture of sharing. Enjoy!

  2. What Ronnie said! Thank you for the kind words Jennifer

    1. You're most welcome India. I must admit that while all the photos have been viewed several times, I've yet to be able to read all your words (little urchins keep demanding attention). What has been read is insightful and inspirational and makes me want to read fieldnotes from cover to cover in one sitting. Enjoy!

  3. Will have to look for these books.


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