Thursday, May 29, 2014

5th Annual Artist Retreat - Day 4

Could you feel the energy emanating from Pam's studio yesterday afternoon into evening into night? Did bits of our energy slip out while we were enmeshed in the creative process and wend its way to you? Oh! I hope so.

Wednesday began with a visit to Chris Wolf Edmonds home for me to see her portion of the upcoming exhibit

Tall Grass. Deep Water. 
postcard photo from Lawrence Arts Center site

Tall Grass. Deep Water. at the Lawrence Arts Center. Chris is the Tall Grass. Pam is the Deep Water.

It was a delightful visit, a true gift of opening one's home and studio to a fellow artist...and I've not a single photo to share. I wanted to ask permission - yearned to ask, in fact, for Chris's house is one that I could happily live in and with a view that would never be tired of.

 Back at Pam's, the mark making continued. 

As one of us passed by,  we'd add a mark.

Can you tell which marks belong to who?


A few more 

were added

and then the real fun began. 

Cut into 5 inch x 22 inch strips

with a slight alteration, I turned the pieces over so we couldn't peak, shuffled them a bit and then we each selected one until

Pam had 4

and I had four. 

They make rather nice journal covers,

don't you think?


  1. Very cool! I love the collaborative aspect and the random element. I do think it's interesting that Pam ended up with all the yellows and you all the reds. Is the plan to now make journals?

    1. If that's where the studio takes us today, yes. If not...who knows?

  2. Love this mark making ..... and the cytting up !
    (what's next ???)

    1. The next step is to create journals of all the papers. Simple, rough, yet filled with memories of the week. Enjoy!

  3. Love the mark making - and the freedom of where this might take you!! It is an interesting observation that Thread Born - sees you with all the reds and Pam with the yellows - !!!! Love the folds as well - like I say pretty inspiring girl!! Wow!!

    1. Pam and I had to laugh at the division of pages with the yellows and reds. I either didn't shuffle enough or shuffled too much. Either way, we were each delighted with our selections. Leaving it up to the studio fates and serendipity makes it all the more interesting.

      PS - You're probably not aware, but I was an accountant in another life. All this "leaving it up to the studio fates" and blind selection are so outside my comfort zone...or used to be. I actually love the process now and see that sometimes having little or no control...having faith in the studio muses, can have the greatest results. Don't tell my accountant friends though...they still think having total control is the best. Ha!

    2. Whoo you are right - I wouldn't have guessed but that must remind us not to judge a book by its cover - yet again!!! You certainly have broken the mould!!!

  4. Huge sigh of contentment as I look at the bits you have to play with, but also wander along the path with you adding a mark here and a mark there, turning them over and sharing. The whole thing speaks of trust and respect and wonder and joy - so many beautiful moments in these; amazing how the inter web can create that for me so far away...

    1. Can you just imagine us together...the marks that would be on those collaborated pages? Perhaps we could start with smaller pages and send them round?

      You've stated the gist of the week so eloquently - trust and respect mixed with wonder and joy. Yes. That's how it is. And you're part of it. Glad that came through the interpixies.

  5. The marks keep getting better and better.


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