Monday, November 11, 2013

Time to catch the train

Before heading over to 30th Street Station to catch the train back to Connecticut, I wandered over to Reading Terminal Market to see if a little something could be found to take home to my urchins.  

This mosaic sculpture was at the corner. 

I've passed it and photographed it many times...

 and never tire of doing so.

As I ventured through the comparatively empty market - normally open at 8 am, Reading Terminal opens at 10 am Sundays. If you visit on Sunday, you'll find that the Pennsylvania Dutch vendors, who offer some of the best food, are closed -

the neon signs

that populate the ceiling

kept catching my eye 

and demanding

to be photographed.  

And then there was a moment of stillness, of subtle light, of quiet hope.


  1. J - love that mosaic - I can understand why you would want to pause and photograph its light and moods and detail many themes. Thanks for sharing.And glad you enjoyed yourself. By the way did you find anything for the urchins? B

    1. The little urchins got felted snowmen ornaments...which they promptly pretended were babies for their newest wintery stuffed animals. Philly is filled with public art - sculptures everywhere as well as murals. There's actually a city mural program. My hotel room overlooked one, in fact.

    2. J - great image of the urchins making up stories with their felted snowmen. The Philly public artv makes me want to go and stroll the streets. B

    3. Philly is a good place to go for art. It is everywhere. Oddly enough, we lived outside Philly at one point and only went twice. Since we've been in CT, I go 2-4 times a year. It's a nice train ride from here.

  2. Hi J - darn, you keep showing me more places I want to visit! I'm only going to ge to DC this time I think! Maybe the Fibre show?? Laugh. That mosaic is astounding and I just loved your wander...

    1. Fiona...Philly is only 2 hour train ride from NYC. I've done it as a day trip several times, but prefer to spend the weekend to get a bit of rest and quiet...and art and good food, of course!


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