Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4th Annual Artist Retreat - It's not all black & white

Last week, when Pam and I discussed what we wanted to work on during this year's retreat, she threw out the idea of simply what if-ing all week. The more this idea was pondered, the more appealing it became. So, despite the 2 boxes of rusted fabrics and equal number of denim/indigo that were sent ahead, it's been a week of black and white for me...sort of.

Do you remember these?

The black and white abstracts are actually my Christmas cards sitting on the worktable near a window that catches the afternoon sun. The cards nearly didn't get finished and sent out because of the fun of playing with light and shadows. Translating the photos into fabric has been on my one day list since December.

So...yesterday was spent sewing black and white cotton together in hopes of creating a similar effect. 

This morning found me wanting to stamp a story a some mono printed fabric I'd brought along. Out came the new stamp set so recently purchased. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a set of numbers! (which had totally slipped my mind when it was packed) 

Not a problem. I quickly wrote out the alphabet and assigned each a number, then happily stamped away. 

Once the ink was dry, it was hand torn and stitched. 

Then hand torn again.

And what has Pam been doing all this time, you might be wondering. Well...

She's been drawing circles

and lines.




painting and

collaging. And we've 3 more days to play. Wonder what we'll do tomorrow?


  1. Pretty fabulous...Oh so love that the letters turned out to be numbers and that you so ingeniously figured out a way to tell a story with them. Where's my decoder ring!?

    1. Thanks Julie! It was lots of fun to write a story using only numbers. And yes, it really did say something...when it was all in order, that is.


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