Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4th Annual Artist Retreat - An Errant Line - Cynthia Schira

Part 2 of An Errant Line: Ann Hamilton / Cynthia Schira on exhibition at the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas until August 11 this year. 

Through the gates, you get a teasing glance at Cynthia Schira's portion of exhibition. After being overwhelmed and delighted by Ann Hamilton's work, I took a moment to rest before stepping through the gates.

Taking that final step was a spiritual experience of sorts. One step transported me from a world of muted colors, of ethereal photographs of elaborately dressed and mysterious people, of other-worldliness into...well...nirvana.

Where Hamilton had laid creche figures on an obsolete scanner, Schira's installation features sheer, woven, and mesh fabrics. It includes a monumental "word" cloth and ETYMON, woven on a computer-controlled Jacquard loom at the Oriole Mill, abstracted from selections obtained from the Spencer's online collection database.* 

Schira divided her exhibition into Making, Showing and Saving. I started to organize my photos to reflect that, but chose to leave them in the order taken. Enjoy!

*from the SMA Ann Hamilton / Cynthia Schira an errant line brochure


  1. What can one say except Wow

  2. What an inspiring exhibition/collaboration! And the venue brings back memories...I spent a lot of time at the Spencer art library while getting my architecture degree at KU (loved that campus!)... Thanks for sharing such a sensitively detailed journey of your experience with these beautiful pieces.

    (I'm a little behind on my blog-reading, but wanted to say I love the results/process of the what-if-ing in your next post...and congrats on your 400+ posts too!)

    1. Oh! My! Gosh! Talk about a small world!!! Pam and her husband graduated from KU as well. As for the Spencer, it's a lovely museum with quite an impressive and eclectic collection, it seems. Saw an amazing exhibit by a Chinese artist who makes marks with gunpowder at the Spencer when there for our first annual retreat. The link is below if you'd care to see.


      Thank you for the congrats et all. Love what you've been doing over at your blog...still showing amazing greens. You take the search for Roy G Biv to a whole new, totally wonderful level. Thank you for joining us! Enjoy!

    2. Hi nice blog .. really good . Keep it up.


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